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Verses of the Unknown [poetry Anthology]

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You're about to delve into one of the most anticipated poetry anthologies ever, Verses of the Unknown. This is a collection of mind blowing poetry from talented poets across the world. United by a shared love for poetry, the poet authors of this anthology have put their best shots in this book.... more info

Story about: love, poetry, journey

Ongoing: 21 Jan 6 pages
281 10 41

Rating: 9

#1 in Others
#1 in Non-fiction


October Poetry Camp Anthology

Earnest Writes Publishing

A compilation of entries in our October 2019 poetry camp entries at https://poetrycamp.earnestwrites.com... more info

Story about: war, poetry and thoughts, freedom

Ongoing: 23 Dec 4 pages
216 6 1

Rating: 3

#25 in Others


Winter Night's Yearnings— A Christmas Anthology

Earnest Writes Publishing

Easter has the wonder; new years have the spectacle, but only Christmas has the magic of... ‘Christmas wish.’ It's a simple phrase for a simple act. And yet, the weight it holds cannot be described, but can only be felt with the touch of a hand, a smile, or in the wonder in one's eyes. It ... more info

Story about: christianity, hope, winter

Complete 66 pages
1280 41 19

Rating: 6

#20 in Contemporary fiction
#49 in Young adult


Hush — Hidden Horrors

Earnest Writes Publishing

We all are born as a dumb and optimistic human with an ample amount of curiosity and bravery. It is when we start to understand our limits and the strength of things that could be injurious for us that we start to develop fear. The fear of the unknown, the fear of malice and the fear of supernatural... more info

Story about: horror mystery, run for your life, scary

Complete 68 pages
1043 29 15

Rating: 8

#31 in Thrillers & Suspense
#59 in Mystery

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