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A Leap Out Of The Mire

Favour Okoye

Pull on your seat belt because this story will drive through the gallops, exuberance, indecisions, sentimentality and growth of Adanna Blossom. The setting was in Africa, Nigeria to be exact. It terms to draw the average mind, budding mind and also developed mind. ☕ Adanna is a victim of ra... more info

Story about: rape, adoption, pregnant

Ongoing: 31 Oct 12 pages
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The Apple Of My Parents' Eye

Favour Okoye

Autism is a type of disorder in both children and adults, that tampers with their brains and makes them less receptive to people around them. Autistic people are very intelligent or witty when they desire to. Otherwise, they can lock themselves up and won’t open up to people. In this story, Gab... more info

Story about: family, spiritual, autism

Complete 33 pages
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Rating: 2

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