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(sweets anthology) Waffle Cones

Hallie Schlauch

It was a hot summer evening of July when Cheryl Sullivan had begged her older sister Kelsi Ann Sullivan to take her to the Epiphany Plaza for ice cream. It took only a few minutes of begging until her sister got tired of it and agreed. Little did Cheryl know it would change her sister’s life forev... more info

Story about: lgbt love, romance and comedy, romance and friendship

On Hold: 12 Oct 9 pages
188 8 2

Rating: 1

#293 in Romance
#40 in LGBT
#121 in Short stories



Hallie Schlauch

The day starts at 24:00. The day ends at 00:00. Then it restarts. Everything you do that day is gone. Fell in love? Nonexistent. You two never had feelings for each other. Committed a murder? No charges held. They’re alive the next day. Accomplished a lifelong goal? Never happened. You nee... more info

Story about: futuristic, friendship, time in life

On Hold: 05 Nov 18 pages
210 4 2

Rating: 1

#144 in Young adult
#25 in Dystopia
#27 in Science fiction


Heavenly Tainted

Hallie Schlauch

Long ago there was a prophecy, one that tells of an Angel from Heaven and a Demon from Hell will collide with one another. This certain prophecy tells that their collision can cause chaos among the Realm of the Almighty. The Angel would bring the brightest of light to even the darkest beings and vic... more info

Story about: angels and demons, romance fantasy, fantasy realism

On Hold: 16 Oct 49 pages
563 26 18

Rating: 3

#230 in Fantasy
#68 in Romantic fantasy
#298 in Romance
#52 in Romantic suspense


Kingdom Come

Hallie Schlauch

She should’ve expected it, she supposed, life had never been kind to her. Trapped in a castle for over seventeen years of her life to finally get out into the world she realized she knew nothing about; to find out that her whole life had been a lie. Things had been too calm lately. It was only a m... more info

Story about: fantasy, darkness, adventure

On Hold: 11 Oct 64 pages
386 6 15

Rating: 2

#233 in Fantasy
#27 in Epic fantasy

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