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Hey guy, I love to read books and write them. But could you just have a little patience about the updates? Thanks



Weather You Like it or Not

Jessi Fever

This story is about a girl named Alexandra her main nickname is Sandy, she almost lived the perfect life until one day when one of her best friends made a horrible mistake. When Sandy found out what her best friend said it ruined her. Sandy lost all of her trust and it would be a miracle if she coul... more info

Text includes: love, hate, scared

In progress: 19 Mar 14 pages
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#9 at Contemporary fiction
#7 at Humor
#12 at Mystery


My Family Sucks!

Jessi Fever

This book is about a girl named Valentina she has a younger sister (Harley) and brother (Dallas) which are twins. All her life she has been put into foster care. She doesn't leave her family ever it is a 3 package deal. They always got to poor places nowhere where they actually feel at home until on... more info

Text includes: family, fosters, adoption

In progress: 19 Mar 4 pages
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#44 at Mystery
#24 at Short stories

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