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Hi everyone. Thank you for looking me up. After taking a two-year hiatus, (read: writer's block), I'm writing again. My new book is longer than most of my other work. I hope you read and enjoy it. Please give me feedback. Thank you all. Hugs and licks.



Defiling the Crusade

Josie A.

As Humans have started settling on planets from other stars, Earth's government has become a theocracy: the Lord's Dominion. This has sparked off a war against the rebels, the FFtLs. The military, Holy Command, has decided that their new battle spaceship, the Crusade, will be the first that has al... more info

Story about: alien invasion, space mystery, science fiction erotica

Ongoing: 17 Jan 64 pages
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Rating: 1

#18 in Erotic
#2 in Science fiction

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