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My stories will be published every weekend. If I can't I'm really sorry but i'm very busy with school and reality.



Away from Home


Jojen Fade lost his father in an accident. The 20 year old was forced to live at the streets in the city where he engage illegal activities in order to satisfy himself. Until he was set in bars where he soon later regrets his action but will he be able to come out clean? Or will he have to do somet... more info

Story about: life, moral, poor

Ongoing: 16 Jul 4 pages
93 7 6

Rating: 1

#9 in Contemporary fiction
#1 in Urban life
#3 in Others


Crown of Kings


"The crown is mine" They are on the move. The Vanderic family are after for the crown that gives a man power. But a heir who cannot control the crown is no king of Hemrea. People all across the four kingdoms are now after for its power. The power to rule of kings, the power to become a God, The C... more info

Story about: adventure, fantasy, medieval

Ongoing: 17 Jul 19 pages
209 5 13

Rating: 4

#3 in Action & Adventures
#19 in Fantasy

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