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My stories will be published every weekend (Saturday). If I can't I'm really sorry but i'm very busy with school and reality.


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Away from Home


Jojen Fade, a boy who lost his father on his 20 years of age, the boy who was under the tragedies of Crime, Prison, Family, Social Life and Death issues he could never forget. He tried to live a new good life in prison but it wasn't that easy when scientists kept using him as a test subject. Esp... more info

Story about: life, moral, poor

Complete 12 pages
580 16 10

Rating: 5

#79 in Contemporary fiction
#18 in Urban life
#75 in Others


Riddle Of Him


"I wanted to reach the top but I couldn't. I don't want to have a relationship and yes I didn't. By why do you love me so much when you don't love me?" Christmas break was over and sure I was already dead set on studying and having no relationship with boys. Because they're just plastic, and tr... more info

Story about: romance mystery, high school romance, poems

Ongoing: 13 Jan 22 pages
256 9 7

Rating: 3

#69 in Young adult
#58 in Mystery
#10 in Romantic mystery


Ancestral Wolf


The dead of winter is coming. Inhabitants of the Winter wasteland now find themselves at the center of the storm, A black lone wolf lost for four year and alone going the top of the only safe mountain alp, has finally met a wandering wolf pack. However the wolves were different of his kind. White, m... more info

Story about: fable, others, sketch story

Complete 4 pages
160 4 10

Rating: 2

#43 in Others
#67 in Short stories

Crown of Kings Book 1: Bloodmoon Palace (1 stories)


Caged Princess


Summer has ended and the long awaited winter is near. The high king of the eastern supercontinent Hemrea-had mysteriously died on his royal bed. His death disturbed all of the Hemreans and mostly towards Amary Noir, the forgotten daughter of the high king, Thane Noir. She never knew about her father... more info

Story about: princess, fantasy, medieval

Ongoing: 13 Jan 16 pages
325 13 10

Rating: 1

#138 in Fantasy
#43 in Thrillers & Suspense
#18 in Suspense

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Vengarde Fantasia


Experimental story 2, still working... more info

Story about: fantasy world, darkfantasy, adventure

Ongoing: 21 Dec 2 pages
20 0 0

Rating: 0

#103 in Fantasy
#14 in Epic fantasy




Swan lake is the beautiful garden where princess Odette lives with her animals, white swans, and unexpected flightless mallard. One morning, Odette went to the center of the lake to give her animals a song. But it was cut by a cry of a brown mallard. That the swans dislike. Will Odette stop the comm... more info

Story about: princess, magic, fairy tale

Complete 5 pages
258 16 22

Rating: 8

#58 in Others
#92 in Short stories


A Week of Staying Together


Love has found their way closer to one another. Daniel Oak sets a new goal to himself, to properly see Daryllyn Stallis eye to eye. But it was hard for him, a week of staying together in the same room, a week full of opportunities that Daniel had. Will he be able to confess or will he accidentally t... more info

Story about: romance, suspense, highschool

On Hold: 21 Sep 34 pages
1347 26 15

Rating: 8

#145 in Young adult
#22 in School
#331 in Romance


Crown of Kings


"The uprising of darkness, is coming:No...it had already begun" The prophet Tarsiel has come from the mysterious super continent, Ashar, to bring a message to the high king of Hemreans about the uprising of the once feared, Blight. However, when he knew about the high king's death. A summoning... more info

Story about: adventure, medieval, novel

On Hold: 30 Sep 0 pages
737 8 15

Rating: 4

#29 in Action & Adventures
#320 in Fantasy

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