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All my books are full of loving, kissing, hugging, touching.I hope they will touch the deepest parts of your soul. Thanks for your awards, likes, well-hearted comments and subscripction. I love you all, guys! You are my biggest inspiration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





At that moment, when Earl Thornton asked Miss Beckett for her hand and she agreed, making him the happiest man in the world, the Duke of Ashton burst into the room, saying that young Miss Katherine could not marry him, since only he, the Duke, should become her husband and no one else. She collaps... more info

Story about: from hate to love, virgin, governess

Ongoing: 18 Feb 104 pages
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Rating: 2

#90 in Romance
#5 in Historical Romance
#12 in Inspiration romance


Niece of the Earl Bailey


Can beauty be a curse? You think - no?! And for the young and seductive Miss Waters, her marvelous beauty was not only a curse, but also a terrible misfortune. Through her sweet face and seductive body, she gained not only passionate admirers who fell at her feet, persuading her to become a wife fro... more info

Story about: forbidden love, family mysteries, virgin

Complete 245 pages
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Rating: 10

#33 in Romance
#2 in Historical Romance
#2 in Inspiration romance


Lady Seducer


From love to hate leads a small path in our heart! Olga swore to herself to tie up with men once and for all at her own bachelorette party, including her own fiancé, but the next morning she breaks her word. In her apartment, she finds undeniable traces of the stranger staying with whom she spent t... more info

Story about: love, friends, from hate to love

Ongoing: 12 Feb 60 pages
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Rating: 9

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