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Hi everyone I am a new member here and I got some new novels to share if you really like fiction I am also one of you but I prefer werewolf genre, I will be uploading more chapters soon and hope you can follow me :)



Dangerous Love


Rosaline is a teenage girl living in a small town where crime is hidden and lots of mysteries were to be revealed . She is quiet, shy and a genius herself that doesn't consider being a popular girl because she never has the guts of being one. Even though she is too demure, Rosaline herself is a secr... more info

Text includes: romance, badboy, fiction

In progress: 13 Dec 77 pages
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Overall Rating: 16

Current rating:
#4 at Romance
#1 at Romantic suspense
#4 at Young adult


Third in Command


Liana Williams is an Alpha daughter that was supposed to run a pack at hand until the merciless Alpha Nicolas came and killed hundreds of her people. Traumatized in what she had seen, Liana came up with an idea to seek revenge. She was welcomed in a pack in the small werewolf town called sunville wh... more info

Text includes: mystery, werewolf, romance

In progress: 12 Dec 64 pages
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Overall Rating: 3

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#3 at Mystery
#2 at Supernaturals
#2 at Romantic mystery

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