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Volleyball and Death Games


A frustrated volleyball champion who lost his streak as he turned college makes a deal to a being from another world to transport him back in time during his days of greatness. Beyond his knowledge, he was stuck in between the multiverse to turn volleyball into a bloody mess of a death battle.... more info

Text includes: multiverse, fights, greek mythology

In progress: 15 Dec 27 pages
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Overall Rating: 1

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#11 at Fantasy
#3 at Epic fantasy
#17 at Young adult
#1 at Sports


The secret file of Aladdin's true identity


discovered file from a reliable source that discusses the secret behind aladdin's hidden identity, and the very root of catastrophe that is about to come... more info

Text includes: disney, bathroom, aladdin

Full text 5 pages
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Overall Rating: 0

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#36 at Contemporary fiction
#8 at Humor
#24 at Fanfiction


The school of hunters


In the post-apocalyptic kingdom secluded from the rest of the world, there's a young boy who finds himself in existential crisis as reality starts to distort from his mind.... more info

Text includes: horror, wild, blood

In progress: 17 Dec 55 pages
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Overall Rating: 4

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#23 at Young adult
#1 at Dystopia
#6 at Mystery

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