Penn Fawn


Posted: 08.12.19, 14:45:33

It's a short one. Enjoy! I'd intented to post two more chapters because chapter three is so short, but I didn't have the time to go over chapter four again as thoroughly as I would like. Below is a graphic of where this is headed. When all is done, Book One of the first book will lead to Book One in its entirety. See covers from left to right. Book One will be publised Read more...

Posted: 03.12.19, 13:47:56

I’m looking for proofreaders, ideally those into fantasy. I say so because it seems like no matter how many times you’ve read your work or even after you’ve had an editor(s) work on it, a few errors remain here and there that neither of you caught. So, the first book of the series although very very close to being done, remains a work in progress.  Again, the book has been Read more...
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