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First Love


Micah and Zana had been together for six years, suddenly she left him to marry another without giving any reason or even explaining, down with heartbreak and betrayal, Micah became a loner in love, and one day Alicia came into the picture, just as Micah was getting involved with Alicia, his first lo... more info

Story about: heartbreak, love, romance

Complete 189 pages
39067 240 146

Rating: 42

#47 in Romance
#15 in Fantasy


The House of Jakob


What would someone need to offer you to unknowingly join a corrupt organization? For Monika Edwards, it was financial freedom and a chance to regain her musical passion. Having lost her drive to find purpose in life, Monika was lost, alone, and unwilling to change. Why bother? The House of Jakob, a ... more info

Story about: contemporary fiction, new adult & college, manipulation

Complete 227 pages
6374 63 17

Rating: 16

#220 in Young adult
#69 in New Adult & College
#117 in Thrillers & Suspense
#53 in Suspense


Head in the Box


Charlie and her roommates along with their friends could have never imagined that, after the birthday party of the night before, their morning would take a twisted turn with a macabre discovery: a box containing the head of a stranger. Because of their different personalities and also because of an... more info

Story about: murder, locked room, students

Complete 125 pages
6316 19 16

Rating: 3

#129 in Thrillers & Suspense
#185 in Mystery


Love At First Tear

Esraa Nuriko

Set in Egypt, a story about a group of childhood friends. Staying, for a couple of days, at her friend’s house, Sarah or Sarra finds herself entangled with an anonymous attacker. She resists him till the end. Little does she know how this incident will change the group’s life forever. In additio... more info

Story about: strong female, obsession, grudge

Ongoing: 30 Nov 123 pages
21547 58 22

Rating: 24

#374 in Romance
#86 in Thrillers & Suspense


Completing The List

PJ Lowry

Lizzy Sheppard loses her husband too soon and one day finds something that helps the grieving process: his bucket list. 30 things he wanted to do before he died. Eager to do something for her departed beloved, Lizzy sets off to complete the list in the hopes that she will learn more about the man wh... more info

Story about: lost love, bucket lists, moving on

Complete 245 pages
43687 73 20

Rating: 13

#76 in Romance
#17 in Contemporary Romance
#10 in Inspiration romance


We meet again


Stop, I moaned You enjoying this ain't you? ... He asked I ain't ready for this,I replied" I'll make you ready babe, just chill and enjoy me. He still had my nipple in his mouth, while massaging the other with his hand. He moved down my stomach slowly, and sliped a finger in my pussy.. I m... more info

Story about: laura

Ongoing: 09 Dec 73 pages
2779 45 68

Rating: 16

#26 in Romance
#5 in Romantic suspense


Love Bites

D. Remi

Let the record show, I've done everything in my power not to be a total loser. But it shouldn't surprise anyone that sometimes things just don't pan out the way you want. If I had it my way, I'd be a tall, buxom blonde with toned legs and a butt like granite. I'd be clinging on Ethaniel Pierce's ... more info

Story about: humor, high school, succubus

Complete 108 pages
7088 187 7

Rating: 13

#45 in Fantasy
#11 in Dark fantasy
#15 in Erotic
#9 in Romantic erotica


Omega Virus: Sigma Hour (book 4)

Jake A. Strife

Years after the events in New Hollow, Jeff Mason, and his friends are on the run. They live from secret base to base, trying to stay one step ahead of their enemies, G.O.D. Mode and Devil Code. With one of their own pregnant, they are unprepared when their newest home comes under assault. They are f... more info

Story about: zombies, survival, video games

Complete 242 pages
1384 8 11

Rating: 1

#14 in Science fiction
#6 in Post-apocalyptic
#28 in Thrillers & Suspense
#10 in Action thriller


Piano: Cocoa × Milk

Esraa Nuriko

A story of a girl who gave up on her dreams, because of bullying. She was belittled, underestimated, underappreciated, ...etc. All she wanted at her current young age, after giving up on her dreams, is to fulfill her dream of meeting her favourite Korean boy band PCxM or at least attending one of th... more info

Story about: strong female, romance, music

Complete 147 pages
9917 39 36

Rating: 21

#452 in Romance
#71 in Contemporary Romance


Lestones. Part 1

Евгения Бацман

One morning, lestones woke up and realized that they were a new race. But why didn’t they feel it before? Who is outside their country - friend or foe? Or maybe they are enemies themselves? But there is no time for reflection. A terrible force is moving on their lands. What should they do: run, su... more info

Story about: adventure, magic, hero

Complete 150 pages
7133 9 21

Rating: 5

#49 in Fantasy
#6 in Epic fantasy


Third in Command


Liana Williams is an Alpha daughter that was supposed to run a pack at hand until the merciless Alpha Nicolas came and killed hundreds of her people. Traumatized in what she had seen, Liana came up with an idea to seek revenge. She was welcomed in a pack in the small werewolf town called northern bo... more info

Story about: mystery, werewolf, romance

Complete 158 pages
11437 110 20

Rating: 12

#25 in Mystery
#15 in Supernaturals
#4 in Romantic mystery


Leather N Eyeliner

Hamo Woods

I was a loner metalhead all my life I used to have no friends until James crossed the door during the second chance season, a guy with an inclination for glam metal. Believe it or not, we slowly became best friends, and we almost killed each other too. There´s some stuff to know about him like why ... more info

Story about: heavymetal, teenagers, metalhead

Ongoing: 10 Dec 69 pages
1405 17 17

Rating: 2

#69 in Young adult
#29 in Contemporary fiction



Jessica Wright

Since witnessing her father’s murder when she was twelve, Iris Bloom has come to hate her town and all the crime in it. However, she never knows how to act on her emotions. She takes many classes, including martial arts, in an attempt to suppress her anger. However, she finds a different use for t... more info

Story about: romance, crime, superhero

Ongoing: 12 Dec 66 pages
1569 21 30

Rating: 13

#52 in Young adult
#9 in School
#30 in Mystery
#6 in Romantic mystery


Gerig and the Kingdom of Dwarfs

PJ Lowry

Gerig is just your average peasant, working hard to harvest the fields that feed the lord of his kingdom. Things are the same as always until he finds something weird in on of his traps. His name is Merrec, a dwarf from another land. Gerig has never seen a dwarf before, but the little man is scared,... more info

Story about: fantasy, dwarfs, long journey

Complete 26 pages
2242 9 2

Rating: 1

#329 in Fantasy
#52 in Epic fantasy
#86 in Romantic fantasy


The Dragon and the lighting ball


Yè fēng lives high in a mountain village that has to not only put up with fierce storms and harsh winters, but also huge lizard like creatures that the mortals also call dragons. One night a terrible storm hits the village leaving behind an unexpected surprise.... more info

Story about: fantasy, dragons

Complete 49 pages
3840 5 12

Rating: 2

#320 in Fantasy
#66 in Dark fantasy


The Bad Boy's Toy


"I'm not it, I'm not her. I won't fall for this monster. I won't be the Bad Boy's Toy." Ashley Airwood. Perfect Grades. Perfect Daughter. Perfect Sister. Perfect good girl. Bain White. Bad reputation. Bad player habits. Bad temper. Very Bad Boy.... more info

Story about: love, badboy, goodgirl

Complete 190 pages
102710 1524 61

Rating: 259

#8 in Young adult
#4 in New Adult & College
#31 in Romance
#5 in Contemporary Romance


Dark Dayz: Frozen Eve (book 3)

Jake A. Strife

A month beyond Shadesburgh and the Black Desert, the players of Dark Days have found the courage to move forward in the game. En masse they arrive in the winter town of Axeington--on Christmas Eve. The time to take a momentary break from the nightmare has come, even though doom looms everywhere. But... more info

Story about: survival, virtual reality, terror

Complete 268 pages
9734 10 16

Rating: 1

#65 in Fantasy
#18 in Dark fantasy
#7 in Science fiction
#3 in LitRPG


Wedding Vows

Londa Cele

The famous words uttered at a wedding. Do they really mean anything or are they just words used to prolong the process of watching the ring go on. But if your spouse were to cheat on you, would you still stick by them? Or worse, play a prank that proves to be fatal? These are some of the questio... more info

Story about: prank gone wrong, gay romance, pan african

Complete 22 pages
8761 96 5

Rating: 8

#94 in Romance
#22 in Contemporary Romance
#15 in Contemporary fiction


Blood & Death - Volume 1, Meraud


This is the first instalment in the tales of Death, otherwise known as The Grim Reaper and also his rival, Rìghfuil, the Blood King. This volume focuses on Meraud, the youngest of the immortal Portents, who is in the service of Death. As an immortal, destined to bear witness to the tragic death... more info

Story about: immortal, darkfantasy, grimreaper

Ongoing: 12 Dec 47 pages
485 10 24

Rating: 5

#10 in Mystery
#8 in Supernaturals
#2 in Paranormal


The Arrangement


Five years ago, Amberleigh Dubois was plucked from a slum and given a job in the exclusive Cobra Club. At the Cobra Club all your fantasies can come true for the right price.She's grateful for her position as one of the club’s goddesses in The Circus Room. One night Amberleigh is working the Rainb... more info

Story about: mature, billionare, erotic

Ongoing: 10 Dec 55 pages
5231 275 36

Rating: 27

#9 in Romance
#5 in Billionaires
#4 in Erotic
#4 in Romantic erotica

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