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The secret in the forest


Once upon a time when Fedor was a young man, he made a remarkable discovery within a forest which lies not far from his family home, that has been hidden for countless centuries.... more info

Story about: short novel, crystals and spells

Ongoing: 06 Dec 292 pages
1455 12 27

Rating: 5

#115 in Fantasy
#55 in Mystery


I Punched The Gang Leader


My name is Sahara, like the desert, middle name Lydia. I'm an ordinary and simple 18 years old Muslim girl who is very proud of my religion, came from a family of three. I work at a cafe downtown to help my mother in supporting our lives while my sister, Jameela is a wild and rebellious teenager who... more info

Story about: a gang leader with a dragon tattoo falls for a hij

Ongoing: 13 Dec 183 pages
11205 142 40

Rating: 26

#19 in Romance
#1 in Inspiration romance
#5 in Fantasy
#5 in Romantic fantasy


Element. Flame of Elisar

Maria Kopchenova

Hasara is a mystery. Each of its four Spheres has its own people who enjoy the power of a certain Element – Fire, Air, Water and Earth. Ricka Velios lives in Elisar – the World of Water Sorcery. Her family and she are all hardworking, which helped them earn respect among people of Karun. Howeve... more info

Story about: schemes and love, magic creatures, sorcery and battles

Ongoing: 12 Nov 61 pages
899 26 19

Rating: 5

#161 in Fantasy
#55 in Romantic fantasy
#18 in Action fantasy


Until I Met You

Harshini Vaskan

Every person's life is a train journey not all who board the train stay till the end. They get down at their stations. May be some get into the train late but they never get down.Lucky are those who get their loved ones to stay with them together till they reach their last station... Love was ju... more info

Story about: love, friendship, collegeromance

Complete 98 pages
41921 501 81

Rating: 78

#56 in Romance
#11 in Romantic suspense
#21 in Young adult
#13 in New Adult & College



May Lynn

Coincidences happen, but how many are too many? Emilee Sanders is a perfectionist. Everything about her simple life needs to be absolutely perfect and on schedule. This includes the ideal wedding she's been planning for the last two years with the love of her life, Cody. When her relations... more info

Story about: romance, thriller, erotica

Complete 462 pages
22793 343 19

Rating: 44

#58 in Romance
#10 in Erotic


Love finds you

Your daddy

Siobhan Starr Hyland is your regular college girl with a lot of dreams. Her mother died when she was just 4 yrs old. And so 4 yrs later her father remarried a viciously greedy woman who makes sure Siobhan's life is a living hell and her evil stepsister is not helping either. What happens when she is... more info

Story about: romance, arranged marriage, love and power

Ongoing: 11 Dec 82 pages
10018 213 83

Rating: 30

#17 in Romance
#10 in Billionaires
#2 in Romantic suspense


Take A Chance On Me

Emma Swan

All you need is love and trust... ... more info

Story about: love, billionaire, newadult

Ongoing: 12 Dec 190 pages
9906 413 93

Rating: 62

#1 in Contemporary fiction
#1 in ChickLit
#4 in Romance
#2 in Contemporary Romance

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From the Ashes


Chambermaid? Juliana was in disbelief of Lady Catherine's demand. To be reduced to serve Richard in such a fashion was a humiliation she did not know she could endure, but what choice did she have? Lord Richard Bentley was returning home from the war a hero, his one thought was Juliana Wadsworth... more info

Story about: regency romance, romance and mystery, true love never end

Complete 271 pages
22885 486 106

Rating: 169

#49 in Romance
#3 in Historical Romance
#8 in Romantic suspense


Descendants of the Moon

A.O fairy

The first Book of the Moon series A fine line between love and friendship, and to bypass the border and fell in love with my best friend. I was a strange girl, before I met him. I was the crazy girl, that everybody laugh at her, but no one knows the truth that lies undr their eyes or what... more info

Story about: werewolf, heartbreak, supernatural

Ongoing: 10 Dec 6 pages
168 21 6

Rating: 2

#1 in Mystery
#1 in Supernaturals
#9 in Fantasy
#9 in Romantic fantasy


Love by Chance


Sheila Galloway is always in trouble when it comes to love. Perhaps it is her penchant for picking the unavailable, the bad boy, the married man, or the guy who has no love for her because he loves himself far more. She longed to find that fabled "Nice Guy". Perhaps that's why she kept throwing hers... more info

Story about: new adult, second chance, true love

Complete 151 pages
13992 240 44

Rating: 37

#372 in Romance
#57 in Contemporary Romance


Someone to Watch Over You


It's finally here the story you've been waiting for. Only there is a bit of a twist as this story will be from Alex's point of view instead of following Cat's so you're going to see the world through his eyes and as the story develops you'll get to see why. Alex and Cat are in love, engaged and ... more info

Story about: pregnancy, new beginning, love and loss

Ongoing: 09 Dec 60 pages
13958 509 120

Rating: 82

#7 in Romance
#2 in Young adult
#1 in New Adult & College


Bridges Burned

Eyta J

ZinaBari, she thought herself as frigid; emotionally and otherwise. But From the Moment Niklaus stepped in to her life. Nothing was the same. She was undeniably awakened. But secrets and lies, the bane of every relationship would threaten them... Because the cliched truth is love a... more info

Story about: firstlove, bwwm, maturecontent

Ongoing: 12 Dec 381 pages
11209 250 73

Rating: 34

#5 in Erotic
#5 in Romantic erotica
#10 in Romance
#6 in Billionaires


Birds of a Feather


Those of common values, ideals, and goals flock together. Could be as simple as an equal admiration for a book or a general liking for a specific film. For some, it’s the need for freedom, a desire to be happy, or a chance to experience real love. Lyra Rossum comes to school wondering if it's her ... more info

Story about: forbidden love, high school romance, family secrets

Ongoing: 12 Dec 193 pages
2145 37 29

Rating: 6

#11 in Fantasy
#11 in Romantic fantasy
#11 in Young adult
#1 in School


Dangerous Love


Rosaline is a teenage girl living in a small town called Gravenville where crime is hidden and lots of mysteries were to be revealed. She is quiet, shy and a genius herself that doesn't consider being a popular girl because she never has the guts of being one. Even though she is too demure, Rosaline... more info

Story about: romance, badboy, suspense

Complete 133 pages
68526 877 63

Rating: 111

#4 in Thrillers & Suspense
#52 in Romance


Over the Moon


What if the characters you knew in from your nursery rhymes were real people dealing with real problems in real life. How would their personalities help or hinder them especially in the matters of the heart? Come take a look at OVER THE MOON, a collection of short stories of characters you may recog... more info

Story about: romance, fairytale, newadult

Ongoing: 01 Dec 108 pages
4285 133 86

Rating: 27

#86 in Short stories
#198 in Fantasy
#61 in Romantic fantasy


Tangled With A Prince

Ann Margarette

All Michelle wants is to get into college, stop working at a café, and escape an unfortunate life in the hands of her stepmother. Little does she know, a billionaire businessman is looking for her to carry on a dying man's last wish. Mr. Prince suddenly came into her life, picks her out of pover... more info

Story about: romance, newadult, billionaire

Ongoing: 25 Nov 12 pages
1324 143 23

Rating: 30

#13 in Young adult
#8 in New Adult & College
#43 in Romance


Chasing Love


"Most relationship don't last and they are contented but kyoo and i are different, we work for it to get the person we love" Emi Torres a pretty young, snooty and popular university student who secretly chasing her ex-boyfriend named jerome despite cheating with kate. Until emi met Kyoto Garcia,... more info

Story about: college, romance, chasing

Complete 156 pages
36591 547 123

Rating: 77

#22 in Young adult
#14 in New Adult & College
#61 in Romance


Dry Leaf Under The Starless Night


The words "CELESTINE" and "ALONE" seemed like synonyms. Her best friend turned her back on her. Her mother was very tight around her. Can she endure it all and keep going or will she give up and die?... more info

Story about: suicide, love, friendship

Complete 9 pages
1605 42 8

Rating: 1

#178 in Short stories
#140 in Contemporary fiction
#29 in ChickLit


Gentleman ©


Charlotte Ducke is barely surviving the consequences of a tortuous past. With the chin up and dignity intact, try to overcome all the attacks that fate gives her. Life presents an unexpected turn of Eithan Dankworth's hand, he will completely dislodge it. Both will ignore the signals that shout that... more info

Story about: romance, betrayal, drama

Ongoing: 01 Dec 61 pages
4519 290 36

Rating: 22

#14 in Romance
#3 in Contemporary Romance
#2 in Contemporary fiction
#2 in ChickLit


Siblings: Forbidden love


How will you feel or react when you find out that you are deeply in love with your sweet, handsome and protective brother? Anna Macaulay is the younger sister to Jason Macaulay. They are what every siblings should be, close, protective of one another and jovial. Loves one another so dearly until... more info

Story about: love, blood, romance

Ongoing: 08 Dec 199 pages
13849 338 184

Rating: 85

#2 in Fantasy
#2 in Romantic fantasy
#1 in Young adult

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