A demon's love

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“I love you” he whispered in my ear, his hand gripping my shoulders. “everything‘s ok Alexa, just… just be careful, and… don’t forget me.”

I felt hot tears well up in my eyes and spill down my cheeks, “Mark… please, I’m sure we can figure this out.”

He smiled humorlessly, his face bitter, “they won’t allow it, but they promised me that no harm would come to you” he said, caressing my cheek and wiping my tears away with his thumb.

His touch was cold, it always was, no matter how hot the sun was that day.

I looked down, willing my tears to go away.

“I don’t care,” I said fiercely, “it’s not worth it if you’re not with me.”

I looked up at him, expecting him to protest. Instead, he was blinking rapidly, his expression tortured.

“Mark?” I whispered. He looked at me, and I was shocked.

For a second I was just a small child again. A child because I knew I would need to live longer—much, much longer—and suffer a lot more to understand the agony in his expression.

“Mark,” I repeated.

He looked into my eyes, his eyes turned black, burning like fire, and out of focus. His mouth opened, and a blood-curling shriek of pain ripped through his throat.

“Alexa,” he moaned, “I’m so sorry, so, so sorry.”

“Mark!” I screamed, and then slapped his face, “pull it together. I’m not leaving your side, not now, not later, NEVER!”

“no, Alexa, you don’t understand. What we have been doing the past months, stealing these precious moments of love, is forbidden for my kind. We don’t like, don’t love, and certainly don’t marry.”

“but,” I whispered, “you love me—right?”

He sighed and closed his eyes, “that’s the problem. Alexa, I—” his eyes widened, “they’re coming.”

I felt the air being knocked out of me in my shock.

I knew this was coming, knew it since he first told me he was a demon, but I half-hoped it would never happen. I heard them before I could see them, the beautiful yet deadly wings beating as they descended. They were beautiful, all of them, with high cheekbones, golden eyes, and flawless, smooth white skin. 

“Miss Alexa Grace, please step aside,” one of them said.

I glanced at Mark, “go” he mouthed.

Before I could move, the demons started to walk towards Mark, apparently uninterested in me now. They moved beautifully, their feet barely touching the ground.

Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a tiny boy at the back, his hands were clenched and his expression in half awe, half horror.

The rest of the demons formed a circle around Mark, my Mark.

I felt a small fire in me ignite, I wasn’t going to give up now because they said so. They couldn’t control me.

“MARK!” I yelled, my voice louder than it’s ever been before.

His expression was shocked, then it slowly changed to panic, “Alexa! What are you thinking!? Get out now! LEAVE!” he screamed, spitting out the last word.

“No!” I yelled back, “I’m not leaving you, I’m not ever going to leave you.”

he balled his hands to fists and his eyes were narrowed into little slits and seething in fury. “ALEXA” he warned, but I didn’t care.

I was tired, tired of all the hiding.

Why couldn’t we be a normal couple?

I knew why, because he was a demon. But being a demon didn’t dictate his life, we shouldn’t have to hide our relationship because of what he was.

“Oh, shut up Mark,” I said, trying desperately to keep my tears in. Then I turned to the demons, who were watching me with amusement plain on their features.

“And you,” I spit venomously, “you should be ashamed. Being a demon doesn’t change you, love is the greatest force in this world, even stronger than your filthy demon powers.”

Some looked shocked, while others had the decency to look slightly ashamed.

“You dare speak like that to the demon council?” the tallest one asked with an edge to his voice.

“Yes, because you guys are monsters! You disgusting, rotten murderers! How dare you try and separate 2 people who love each other unconditionally!” I screamed, the tears finally rolling down my cheeks.

“ALEXA!!” a voice bellowed, and I turned around to see Mark. He was flying, his black wings finally out, his eyes were now a bright red, like a fiery pit. His expression was pleading, “please… don’t make it worse for yourself Alexa.”

I turned away, blinking away the rest of my tears, “I’m sorry,” I muttered.

I whirled around to face the council again, “you know what, your parents would be ashamed of you,” I said, feeling triumphant when I saw them flinch, “oh wait! I forgot, you don’t have parents because it’s against the law for demons to love, even though it’s in their nature!”

“NO!” a voice yelled above my words.

I saw the tall demon who had spoken to me earlier, “It is not our nature to love, this boy,” he said, pointing at Mark, “is something we’ve never seen before. And it must be destroyed before it infects our entire population.”

“LOVE IS NOT A DISEASE!” I screamed.


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