A Royal Disguise

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 The spring breeze blew threw Clara’s window, a reminder that winter had finally passed. The curtains, allowing just enough light to illuminate the room, she slipped out of bed, walking to the window. She pulled back the curtains, quickly shutting her eyes, the light from the sky overpowering her vision. Once she reopened them, she smiled, the beauty of the landscape after so long never ceased to amaze her. The green rolling hills spreading all across Tamaria, the raging river fueled by the Tabar waterfall. What she loved most was watching the people slowly come to life again. The beginning of winter had brought plenty of hardship on the people, food became scarce, and the little people had, they kept from those who had none. She spent hours on end trying to convince her father to give out more food, since the food he had been distributing was not enough. He repeatedly refused her, explaining that if they were to give more food, nothing would be left for everyone in the castle. Which by no means was correct. She closed the curtains and snuck back into bed, hearing footsteps approach her door. A light knock sounded, “ Come in,” she says gaining an upright position on the bed. “ Hello Princess Clara-,” 
  “ Clara is fine Moraya,” she says, always feeling awkward when someone she considered a friend addressed her with a title. 
    She smiled, having one of the warmest in the whole castle “ Clara, lovely morning ain’t it,” she says, spreading the curtains wide open.” You ought to let more light in.” The view really never got old. “ I was just on that,” she says, giving the girl a light laugh. “ Your father has been in an absolute fuss,” she says, frivolously shaking her hands.“ So best to avoid him today,” she half-joked “ May I inquire as to why he is in such a foul mood,” although she knew all too well what the reason was. “ Ah, you know with that mysterious woman. Constantly running around stealing of the people’s and the king’s property.She is quite the scandalous type if you ask me—what do they call her again… Athela… Athena, something like that.” Athena. But Clara would not yet reveal her knowledge on the subject. “ I mean a lady with no title, no origin,” She shakes her finger in disapproval. I let my head fall back slightly in laughter “ She’s independent and you think showing your ankles is scandalous,” Clara retorts, which earns her a glare from Moraya. 
    Although she was a princess, Moraya had never hesitated to put her in her place, which she was forever grateful for. “ If she reckons herself to be independent, she can go to the market by herself, and a woman's ankle is sacred,” she fires back.“ You reckon she will continue her crusade now that your father has doubled, even tripled the amount of guards.” Her hands flew up widely as she tried to emphasize her point. “ Possibly,” Clara says, walking over to the window. “ Ah, yes, that is what I wanted to tell you,” she says, aimlessly walking around the room. “ Your father wanted to speak with you, sounded urgent,” she says, finally stopping to sit by Clara. “ What about,” Clara inquires before walking over to her dresser. “ I've heard rumors here and there, but a lady never tells.” There was a mischevious smile painted on her face as she says before exiting the room. Whatever the reason was that made her smile, Clara was soon going to find out.
    She walked down the large halls that seemed so much smaller, more so now than when she was younger. She approached the door, as the two guards posted at the front, opened it. She walked in “ Good morning my princess,” her father says, standing up to give her a hug and a kiss on the cheek “ Good morning father,” she says as they both take a seat at the table. “ So I have heard the Lady in Blue has had you in quite the mood,” she says, taking a bit of some of the fruits decoratively assorted on the plate. 
    Although the thief had many names, by nobles, she was most commonly referred to as the Lady in Blue.“ Not that you need to worry about such things,” something hit her hard at those words. “ But I have posted more guards, not even ten men could enter, much less a woman,” he says, laughing heartily. “ You're probably wondering why I called you,” he says, folding both arms on the table “ It’s been a thought,” she says, keeping her voice airy as to not give way to her true feelings. “ I have finally found someone worthy of your hand," he spoke with dignity."he comes from royalty, Prince Casten of Toleren." His face was beaming with pride, a feeling Clara could not reciprocate. Clara had always considered marriage as a possibility, but not now. Not until she took the crown, and established her own rule. And even then… 
“ Well I would expect much more excitement,” he says, spreading out his arms. She puts on her best smile, doing her best to mimic his excitement. “ I have no way of expressing this newfound joy,” she says, allowing her speech to be as eloquent as possible. “ Good,” his hand reaching for another piece of fruit, but Clara no longer had an appetite. “ If you’ll excuse me, this news is far too overwhelming, may I retire to my room,” he speaks nothing, rather nods his head in approval. 
       She wasted no time, hastily standing up, not even bothering to look up like she usually did to thank the guards for opening the door. She stormed out of the dining room in a sole mission to reach her room.
“ You look lovely today princess,” a servant calls 
she give her a quick smile, “ Thank you.”
“ ‘Morning Princess,” another woman calls out, Clara gave a quick nod. 
“ Can I help you Princess,” a girl further down the hall calls. 
   Swallow her up. Just this once She wished the earth would grant her plea and swallow her up… just once. Just long enough for all this too pass. But as she got to the room, the earth remained intact, with it below her, and her above it. She slowly closed the door, the only thing keeping her from slamming it was the noise that would surely bring maids or guards to her aid. She pulled open her closet and pulled out something quite unconventional…

Ciana Frost

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