Akari, Meri Ra

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Ch 1: Lost:

Where am I? In an asylum? A cemetery? A laboratory? What's going on? Sleep paralysis? Any genie here? In the name of Allah, the All-Merciful, the Especially Merciful. Oh Allah, what's happening? Am I dreaming? All I see is pitch black darkness with no ability to move nor speak. I can hear my loud thoughts without uttering them! Am I chained? But, I don't feel any shackles. I listened to the sound of silence. I saw a mirror that appeared in front of me. I've, no shadow? Why? I heard a sound. It's the sound of people humming and chattering! They're going to work, probably. For an unknown reason, a rectangular glass window with no borders appeared in front of me. It's more of a rounded rectangle than a right angled rectangle. There's a white, baby blue or cyan light coming from it. Maybe a mix of them, it's the colour of a turned on TV and the early morning sun. I could see clearly, people going to work, but, in ancient Egypt! What? This is the ancient Egypt era or the pharaonic era? I don't remember anything of my life, not even my name. I suddenly woke up here. I think I've got no choice but to keep watching the scene.

Esraa Nuriko

#15 in Mystery
#7 in Supernaturals
#19 in Short stories

Story about: magic, friendship, pharaohs

Edited: 11.10.2019

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