All of me

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All of me

You never know what you have until you lose it... we Always hear this , some people agree , some not 

but only who lost and felt pain deep inside them can undertand this 

oneday Norah got a Mail that Oxford university accepted her and she should leave her and live near the university

at This Moment she felt Finaly she cant get what she want , finally she can join the university she always wanted , at This time

she called her boy friend ( David ) to see him , and when she met him she told him she must Move to study

he smiled and told her he is so happy for her but she said They cant be in relationshp if they are far away , he felt sad

and told her Distance means nothing when we are in love , but she said she must focus on her university and she feels like

her Education is more important than love , she wanted to break up with him , David did not said a thing . he said okay wih his teary eyes

and then he walked and Norah was watching him leaving , after that the tea dropped on her watch so she cleaned at and noticed its 3:20 pm

at this Moment she saw a car crushing him and everbody is saying loudly where is the  Ambulance , Norah felt like she is freezing

and cant believe her eyes , people called The Ambulance but David died before it comes , he died at 3:30 pm . so just 10 mins after the car crushed him

thoe 10 mins were the hardest in Norah's life , like 10  year she felt that , when people said he d is dead now

she looked at his face and just though of one thing , she left him before he died . she mad him sad , she gve up on him

she could not even stay or go to his funeral she was shocked and confused , she was just silent and sitting alone in her room

and after 3 days she went to the grave yard and she just started to realise what happened 

she cried alot near his grave , cried and said I'm very sorry I'm really the worst girl on earth , I cant imagine I lost you

God cant do this to me , I didnot want to leave you but I was very lost I wanted to study and improve My life but I love you

Norah used to go to his grave every day and crying till oneday an old woman saw her and Asked her whats wrong my dear

Norah told the woman her story and cried alot , the woman asked her if you have few mins to meet David again would you be happy ?

Norah said even if I can see him for secounds I would be happy but its imposiple . the woman smiled and said nothing is impossiple 

the woman gave Norah watch and told her to wear it at 3:20 pm and go to the same cafe she met david at

Norah did what the woman told her and she found that david is there waiting her and asking her , Hey Norah whats up you said you want to meet me 

did you got mail from oxford , when Norah saw him she hugged him and told him I love you , I love you david , I wont go anywhere

I'd be with you . I'm very sorry for what i did , david was wondering what you did Norah ? at this time Norah realised that . this watch moved her

by time to the day david died and she only has 10 mins to talk to him .at this Moment Norah looked at the watch and discoveed its 3:28 so it supposed there is car will crush him now when he walk . so she told him 

lets walk in another street , Norah thought she can save his life and its chance for her but at 3:30 pm , there is heavy iron ball fall

on his head from window of someone , and he died again , so at 3:30 pm its his death time and she cant change the fate

yes she saved him from the car but she couldnot save him from the ball , Norah cried alot and went to the old woman near the grave asking her why she did that ?

now she saw his death again infront of her eyes , the woman said , coz we cant change the fate , you cant save him from his fate

Igave you the chance just to meet him for 10 mins , but I cant back him to life , Norah cried and begged the woman to make it happen again

just another 10 mins o she will see him for last time , The woman said but this is your last chance and you have to go before 3:30 coz he will die 

and I dont want you to watch his death . dont look back , just see him and tell him what you couldnot

and next day Norah was wearing the watch and at 3:20 pm she met david in the cafe but when she met him she just huged him and told him

how much she loves him , she said :

Maybe I'm not the best gf in the world  but I cant imagine my world without you , I cant imagine myself living with anyone else

I wish to mary you and have son from you , he will look like you and we will live happily , Norah was crying alot while saying that after that

she stopped and ran away at 3:30 so she wont see him dying again , she went to the grave yard to his grave and she was crying

for 3 hours non stop . after that she felt someone is holding her hand when she turned around she saw him , David

and she was wondering what is this , how come ? , its now after 3:30 pm and im near your grave

david replied her , Norah our souls will be together forever , Maybe My body left early but now you joined me

now we are together again , you just showed me we cant live without each other , Norah asked , what is this mean

David said , look now behind , and when she looked she saw herself falling ground and peopel around her saying this young lady died 

by heart attack , she saw her death and she saw and walked in her funeral but with david

holding his hand , when all people left her funeral norah said how i didnot know i was dead , david said

coz only people around us can feel this pain , coz your soul was looking for me and craving me


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