An Inferno Blaze

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Chapter 1

June 27th, 1810.

The woman that once held warm, brown eyes of happiness and joy stood in front of her daughter in sorrow. The older man held her in his arms as he tried to comfort his wife.

"Are thou sure about this, thee know this is not at all necessary."

The younger woman with short blonde hair rubbed her temple in irritation. This conversation has been the fifth time that her mom tried to convince her to stay. But it wasn't her fault for not wanting to stay.

Staying here was too boring.

"Mother, my love for you is immeasurable. But I also want to travel far distances. If it doesn't succeed, then I shall return. You have my word," The sweetness in her voice seemed to work because she saw the hope in her mother's eyes.

"You never go back on your word, so I'll allow it, but you have to write a letter to us every month," Diamante internally grinned. Her plan was starting.

Diamante told her mother that she was going to find new opportunities in France, a new way of getting to know the world.

But that wasn't the case.

She didn't need money or stability. She just wanted some fun. And she knew that the best place to target was France.

But she knew that she needed help. And her cousin Onice was the best candidate. He was very intuitive, charismatic, and had connections to some dangerous people from a hundred-mile radius. If she weren't related to him in any way, then she would have seen him as a threat.

She took her small bag and approached Onice. The boy's brown hair was slicked back with gel. He wore his suit with pride as he patiently waited for Diamante. She noticed that her grandmother Mariaisabella was giving him one last hug before walking back with Diamante's uncle, Emerenzian,

And soon, both were riding with the carriage Diamante made by herself and with Onice's two best horses. A brown mare and a pure black stallion that he bred and raised.

"Okay. We are going to the circus. I regularly wrote to Andrew and James last week. They were able to give us single tickets to the next show. So, all we have to do is attend,"

Diamante nodded at Onice's statement. The first part of the plan was already beginning.

"Do you believe that we shall recruit the fire and ice twins?" Diamante questioned. 

Onice thought about it. But it wasn't going to be easy. They were mighty, and getting them on their side would be more comfortable. "James is good friends with them. However, he hasn't been able to talk to them often. They are usually secluded and the only time he talks to them is after their part of the show. He's heard rumours of those performers being tortured and abused by the ringmaster."

Diamante shivered in disgust. How can anyone treat them like animals? They were just humans, and it wasn't right. But at this point, anyone would do anything for entertainment.

"Okay, so what's the plan?" Onice rolled his eyes at her stupid question. The massive circus made from a tarp was lit up by oil lamps. To him, it was pretty obvious.

"We are going to have to figure it out. I am relying on thee," Onice warned, emphasizing the last sentence.

She heard the sound of children laughing. She looked around and saw the happy families with their slaves running towards the gigantic tarp. They were here.

Onice got off his carriage and started walking towards the tarp. Diamante couldn't hold her excitement.

She was finally going to achieve her goal.

The fear and panic started to kick in. What if it didn't go as planned? Did Onice have a plan B? All this wasn't going to work until Onice gave the cue. If it did not work, then it would all be over.

There was no turning back.

While Onice went out back to tie the horses, Diamante walked in. When she did, her jaw almost dropped.

Inside the tarp was a beautiful arrangement of bright blue, purple, and red colours. Diamante noticed that the oil lamps were lighting up the whole circus.

The lamps were put in globes and looked like glowing orbs. The tarp looked much taller than its exterior, with its interior reaching for the moon. No wonder these tickets were expensive. But it also gave Diamante a good idea.

She sat down in the front row of the thousands of seats and waited. Just like her, hundreds of people entered at awe of the decorations. Diamante almost gagged when she heard the happy chatter pounded in her ears.

The lamps were dimmed, cueing that the show was starting. The chatting came to an abrupt silence as the ringmaster walked in the circus. Standing on a small platform, wearing a bright purple suit, a golden crest and a pair of silver shoes.

"Mesdames et messieurs, garçons et filles, bienvenue au dixième anniversaire du cirque Novella. Nous espérons que vous avez un spectacle fantastique et avons hâte de voir les artistes.


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