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"Wait, you were serious?" I ask incredulously as my best friend starts packing her room up in front of me while I watch from the doorway, throwing a shirt from her closet haphazardly onto her bed. She straightens her back and looks at me with her hands on her hips.

"Faye, I gave you tons of notice, and it's not like I'll stop paying for it. You can stay here as long as you want. You know that you don't need to worry about money or anything." She breathes and continues to pack up her stuff.

"But. I'll be alone." I try pathetically and she rolls her eyes. "Get a roommate." She laughs and I pout.

"I already have one that I like, thank you very much." I snap sarcastically which doesn't phase her in the slightest. "Now you can bring your hot dates over here instead of doing the walk of shame every morning." She bites her lips to contain her laughter and I blush. "I would say that you should settle down with someone, but you seem so happy." She smiles at me and I look away.

If only she knew that I've been lying to her for years.  "Yeah, it's just so not me," I say instead and wave her off, helping her pack by folding clothes on her bed and handing them to her.

"It wasn't Maddox either, and now look at him." She says matter-of-factly I roll my eyes. "Traitor," I grumble under my breath and she laughs, obviously hearing me. At least I still have Reece. Out of our whole friend group, only two of us are single at the moment. Reece, my other half ever since Lexi stole his best friend and Chase stole mine, and me.

Lexi and Chase have been together for almost two years, just now moving in together. Maddox and Chase's sister Aurora moved in together earlier this year after four months, but anyone can see how in love they are. Maddox, pre-Aurora was tolerable. He didn't mind me so much because of how close he and Lexi are, and I consider him a close friend, but as soon as she came here and worked her magic on him, he did a complete 180 and is now a totally different person, a better person.

Then there is Luke, who is currently going on a month with his "flavor of the week" which is quite unusual for him although I don't blame him because this guy is stupid hot. Kiki is a total romantic and "falls in love" with each guy she dates. The current one being Brady, which makes me cringe just from the name. Brady is a frat guy who is one year older than her, so 19 like me, and I'm pretty sure all he did was say one nice thing to her and the next thing he knows, she's falling at his feet. But hey, to each their own.

My phone buzzes in my shorts and I check the screen before walking over to the front door of the apartment to unlock it. Before I manage to get to it, I hear a set of keys jangle and the door is pushed open. I roll my eyes when Reece steps in, dangling his "emergency" apartment key in my face.

"I knew I shouldn't have given that to you." I bite back a smile and move to hug him. His chuckle vibrates in his chest and he wraps his muscular arms around me. "If you hadn't given it to me, how else would I have brought you food last night when you wouldn't get out of bed?" I pull back and stick my tongue out at him.

"Whatever, just come in and feed me," I say as I pull away from Reece and walk towards the kitchen, sitting myself down on a stool at the bartop counter while he walks past me and into the kitchen.

"What do you want?" He asks, opening the fridge and peering inside. Reece looks over to me questioningly and I purse my lips. He laughs and shakes his head at me, pulling out the ingredients to make my favorite food, peanut butter, and jelly sandwiches.

"I don't know how you stay so small. I get that you dance and stuff, but you probably eat at least five of these in a day." He says as if he still can't fathom my appetite after almost two years of knowing him.

"Hey, Reece!" I hear Lexi shout from her room. "Hey, Lexi! Whatcha doin'?" He asks while taking the knife and smearing a generous amount of peanut butter on a piece of bread. Lexi appears and takes the seat beside mine, seemingly taking a break from all of her hard work. Note my sarcasm.

"Just packing," She says and I glare at her jokingly. Reece nods understandingly and starts on another sandwich. "Right, you guys found a place yet?" Reece asks Lexi and she pouts.

"Chase is acting all proud and doesn't want me to pay for everything, says he has to contribute, so he wants an apartment, but I'd rather buy a house," Lexi says, growing increasingly more upset as her sentence goes on. I pat her back awkwardly.

"There there," I say, earning a laugh from Reece and a glare from Lexi. She mouths the word "helpful" and rolls her eyes, meanwhile, my attention is already focused on the growing stack of sandwiches on the counter by Reece. He notices this and brings me one, earning himself a huge grin from me which stays on my face even once I have taken an enormous bite out of the bread.

Lexi scowls at my gross behavior and I open my mouth to childishly show off my chewed bite of peanut butter, jelly, and bread to which she cringes and excuses herself to continue her packing. I chuckle and Reece joins me after finishing up. We sit in silence while we stuff ourselves with multiple sandwiches each, only giving up when the plate is cleared.

With our mouths full and still chewing, we smile and high five at our obviously huge accomplishment. I walk to my room, expecting Reece to follow and when I turn around to check, I see that he is right behind me.

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