As Long As The Sky Is Blue

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First off, Happy New Year! I'm so grateful to God that we're alive to see the new year. Life can never be overrated because it's a privilege. Thank you Jesus, always!

Also, Thank you all so much for your constant support. I'm grateful for the love.

For the past few months, my fans have sent me nonstop messages to write something, specifically Book 3 of the “When” series. To be honest, I haven't started writing that yet but I promise to do so before the end of the first quarter of the year. Please please please bear with me.

However, since October last year, I've been plotting and drafting this new story titled "As long as the sky is blue” and I'm so proud it. Everything about it from start to finish holds a special part in my heart.

I want to use this medium to thank Donaldprince for the awesome cover. He's been the Cover-Guru behind all my books. Thank you so much Donald for being patient and helping.

•This story is dedicated to my late grandmother, Mrs Amadi Oredia, whose last days were spent with more or less what I will call the Alzheimer's disease. She inspired me to write this and for that, she deserves the dedication.

•As you start reading, please pay attention to the fact that a few things were exaggerated. I researched a lot on the Alzheimer's disease but changed a few things to suit the love story I have in mind. What I'm aware of is this particular disease affects mainly old people but in this story, the patient is quite young. I admonish you all to just go with the flow as this is nothing but a work of fiction.

•I love South Korea and I chose to make it the main character's nationality. So please you'll come across a few Korean words please understand that I am not Korean and these words are supplied by Google. So all Koreans in the house I hope I win your love. If there's any fault, please correct me TENTATIVELY. Thanks.

•I will be updating one chapter every Monday. However, once in a while, it could change but that's the scheduled day of the week I intend to update.

•Please vote, comment and share as you read. This is not compulsory but it goes a long way to motivate me knowing my readers love my work.

•Importantly, I feel that African writers aren't shown enough support. We're so quick to follow foreigners and support them but we leave our fellow Africans behind. I've been here for almost three years now and my fandom isn't close to foreigners who have joined last year or two years ago. You following them isn't bad at all but Charity begins at home. Therefore,  I WANT TO CHANGE THAT! So please if you're an African reading this, it will gladden my heart if you follow me @Osaro Oghadeva
Or any other African writer you know and share our stories and give us support in whatever way you can. THANK YOU!

•Lastly, I hope you feel the love and time I have poured into this story just so you, my readers can be satisfied so please enjoy it. Leave good comments. Criticism is allowed but please be tactful in your approach.

Thank you so much. God bless you all!

Now, prepare yourselves for the best story you've ever read; As Long As The Sky Is Blue.

Osaro Oghadeva

Edited: 20.01.2020

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