Between 16 and 60

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She was right at that place where she was then. In the very same highlighter orange overall having the company's monogram and distributing flyers... maybe. I don't know because I was at some distance. But it was easy to recognize her. She still looked beautiful. Face huh? She was always nothing but a face. And I can see her interest in makeup was still young as she had her makeup on. I couldn't recall her name but I remember the incident. It was the same place where I broke her heart. Somebody needed to show her the reality. It was sad that it has to be me. Everything was same. But the building was more upgraded now and the road was wide. But I remember it was raining that day. Today it was bright.

She was a failure at that time and I think nothing is changed even now. But I felt pity for her. It was the same thing I felt about her a long time ago. I huffed in frustration and looked at my wrist watch. I was supposed to wait for my son but looking that he is going to be late I decided to get in without him. I was entering the building when I heard her say.

"Martin, is that you?"

This story is dedicated to all those persons who ever had their heart broken.

Ashleh Queen

Edited: 10.08.2019

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