Blood Moon

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Author's note

Hello Thank you all for reading Blood Moon! I just wanted to let you all know that coming next month is a revision of this story. I will keep the original posted as it is. But I'm sure you noticed that Blood Moon is long. While many of us enjoy big books, they are not always practical in every situation. So after much debate, I came to the conclusion that even with massive revisions, with a current word count of around 165,000 it was unlikely I could get Blood Moon down to a word count more around 100,000. So after much consideration, I have decided to split Blood Moon into two books. The first Part will be called Rising Moon and be pretty much the same as the bulk of current Blood Moon now with revision for grammar, etc. The second part will be called Blood Moon and will start at what is currently Chapter 61 in the original version. With some revisions of course to reflect background information and will continue the story with new content. Thanks so much!


#15 at Young adult
#2 at Mystery
#2 at Supernaturals

Text includes: wolves, younglove, smalltown

Edited: 18.03.2019

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