Blood Moon (book Two of the Moonlight Cycle)

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Author's note

Hello and thanks for reading. This book is a revision of the original Blood Moon. Because of the length, I had to split the novel into two parts. I will however keep the orginal full length version of this novel up also. If you have read the original Blood Moon, at this time there is no reason to read Rising Moon as it contains the majority of the orginal Blood Moon. I plan on editing and revising this in the future. But for now, if you want new content and a continuation of the story, this novel will include it. Please keep in mind I am writing this revamp of  Blood Moon in real time now, so please bare with me as I have other projects going on similtaneously, bills to pay, and  kids to feed as a single Mom to two kiddos! But thank you all so much for the support! I am so grateful and honesetly getting comments from you all really make my day!


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Story about: wolves, smalltown, youngadult

Edited: 12.07.2019

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