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chapter 1

i was very excited for the job interview i was applied few days before and now i am in the top 3 selectives candidate but the challenge is also exist, A one seat and three candidates oh my God please help me i am praying and then suddenly someone call my name "Alley" yes i replied hesitatingly. when i enters in the room i was amazed each and everything is placed professionally, the carts and tables was Navajo white with beautiful Cadet gray luxury fine decor(the job i dreamed from several years).


Then the interviewer calls my name "Alley Richard" uhh yes, "okay as per your résumé you have two years of experience in accounts" yes sir i was Asst. Accountant at Reauchara And Co....

After a brief interview they ask me to go and wait for two days.

after returning home i was praying "please God please this is my dream job" 


2 days was very long and i wasn't select. I blame myself for all this happened i can't do anything how useless i am i want to contiue my old job but the resignation has been submitted what should i do next? when i got email i was very upset then my father comes to me and kiss my had "my princess,Why are you so upset?" Dad"i am useless now" God doesn't make anything useless everything takes time he replied, but dad what should i do now? do u have any solution?

i'll do something he replied

Sam kzim

Edited: 20.01.2020

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