Caged Princess

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P.1 : Cave of Roots

"A monster will sit on the throne"

He did not meant this to happen. But a duty will always be a duty for Ober AvanHawk. He intruded the Red Keep in search of a secret plan of the Vanderics. Which led him to the cave of roots, where above it was the only great tree in Hemrea, the tree of Life.

But his plan on intruding the kingdom wasn't as successful as intruding an empty castle. The Vanderics had sought of his betrayal and had a secret organization to pry on his actions long before he even became a magistrate to the high king,Thane Noir.

Imperial soldiers straddled on their horses and began their pursuit after the old man.

Ober's blazing torch burned out in the darkness and the deadly shivers quickly seeped under his robe. Every air coming out of him froze instantly. He could feel the wet wall of rocks, and the droplets of water from the stalactites splattering on his skin. He hesitated, for once in his a hundred years of living on Hemrea, and yes, he never expected to come this far after actually falling to a deception.

He never knew how the Vanderics knew that this was going to happen.  But knowing what's lies ahead might as well be much more frightening than being in the worst dungeon on Hemrea.

The cave was as dim as hell on Hemrea could ever be, freezing cold that could easily kill a person in less than a minute. He shivered and rubbed his hands together to keep himself warm. "Fae..." he whispered close, between the palm of his hands.

A bright light lit up his folded face and a small lava like pixie materialized from tiny orange orbs, on his palm.

Fae was tiny, almost to the size of Ober's pinky. It smiled at him that warmed Ober's heart. But the fate of a summoned Fae was not destined to warm hearts, but to be eaten.

"Hurry, Find the Old man!"

There was no more time for hesitation, for a moment, his veins shifted like the color of Fae. Steam gushed out of his body and melted the surrounding ice in the cave. Ober blindly and quickly stepped after hearing the yell of a deep voice, a soldier on his tail.

His feet, and hem of his robe were drenched in a shallow water. He stopped for a moment of pause to catch his breath. It got so dark to the point he could only see just black and the darkness itself was deafening. So he took out his cane from his robe and began sliding the rocks in front of him.

The rattling sound of pebbles in the water, being drifted apart, ran along the cave, breaking the silence along with purseurs' heavy sabatons breaching against the soft water and made a splash along with the pebbles.

"Over there!" Ober's dwarven ears twitched, a familliar voice he thought. Knowing that it was a familiar voice, Ober blindly threw his cane far to the side of the darkness and made a run on the shallow rocky surface.

"Where sire? We can't see anything" a knight with a torch asked

"Use your puny ears dimwits!" A man shaded by the darkness scolded.

The leader charged forward, while the two knights blindly stood in the darkness.

With no possible sight, Ober used his instinct's as well as luck to guide him towards a pillar. And luck was totally on his side today, not getting caught while infiltrating the castle as well as finding the pillar of Modemn in the blinding and deafening darkness of the cave.

The water was oddly calm, sending Ober's spine rushing to its end. He knew that he was already there. He could feel the pillar in front of him.

He caresses his crumpled four-fingers, on the pillar's deep carved lines, almost like roots spreading all around the white marbled structure.

He took a minute to circle the pillar and had his hand fit into a hollow. Ober's eyes widen, even though he still could see nothing.

He took what was inside and it was simply just an old scroll. An old scroll that contains the history of Hemrea, written long before the age of man began, The Scroll of beginning.

Ober's smile cut to his cheeks in the darkness, overjoyed to feel the oldest papyrus in Hemrea. Then suddenly, a light appeared before his eyes. Two scarlet pupils, gazing directly at his brown sensitive ones.

Ober stepped backwards but he tumbled down, and his back laid hard on the water.

"You found it..."

Ober had lost his words. He sees, right before him, the scarlet ringed eyes that should have been long since gone. "Who are  you?"

"You got something to give me?" The man questioned over Ober.

Still Ober could not respond because of his fear. His feet shuddered even thought the water was not anymore cold. It was warm and once again had the scent of something familiar.

The hairs on his skin crawled up to his skull.

But why? The Goddess of moon should have long eradicated the race.

Ober was stuck in thought.

"Give thy to me Bookworm, or unu sip out every last oz of ye blood." The words of his ancestor. The one standing before Ober was old, using the middle-aged erosi language.

"You sound like milord but ye aren't, who are you?! Show yourself in the light!" Ober raised and opened his palm and yelled, "Solemn!" A sudden blast of shock wave disturbed everything in the cave.

He was shook. The once clear waters became a sea of scarlet blood, two dead bodies of the knights drifted on the water. That is why the water had a familiar stench and feeling to his hand.


He also sees it to  the man's bloody lip and pale skin.

He probably killed his men because there were no use of him.


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