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Leaving home was always the plan.

During high school I made sure to get the grades I needed in order to be able to do what I want without anyone stopping me, without needing to depend on anyone, especially my parents. It's not that my parents weren't nice people or anything, but they used me to show off to their high society friends.

The walls of our house were covered in pictures of the five of us where we looked "happy and perfect", and with awards that I'd received from countless competitions and tests. But aside from the walls in the entranceway and throughout the lower floor of the house, everything was bare, it was almost eerie how empty the house felt as soon as you walk up the stairs or enter a room.

Even my own bedroom didn't have photos and personal items because I couldn't have people asking to see my room and have it not be perfect, so I had to keep everything in drawers and in my closet. I was constantly surrounded by people, but I was always alone and I wasn't close to anyone but Faye. The only time I was spoken to was about an award I'd gotten from school or a medal from playing volleyball, and unless I was spoken to, I wasn't allowed to speak.

This made family dinners quite awkward, with my parents talking about business or gossiping, and the only time I was addressed was either to pass the salt or if the gossip was about one of my friend's parents, my own hoping I had something to add, which I never did. My parents favoured everyone over me.

I was a bit of a rebel, but I was so cautious that I had not once been caught, although, as long as everybody around us thinks we're perfect, my parents probably wouldn't care what I do. So I would constantly sleep over at my best friend Faye's house, until she moved away at the beginning of the summer.

Just in case my parents didn't approve of my decision, I worked my ass off to be top of my class in all of my classes in order to get a full-ride scholarship to Greenville University, which just so happens to be where I am headed right this moment.

This way, with a full-ride, there's nothing that my parents can do to stop me from leaving, besides taking away my car. Thankfully they agreed that Greenville was a good university so there wasn't much drama about me leaving, just fake tears, fake hugs, fake goodbyes and fake see-you-laters.

Driving with the top down, my blue Porsche 911 Cabriolet (birthday gift from my parents, gotta keep up appearances) flying down the highway, with random rock music blaring through the radio.    

Passing by the "Welcome to Greenville" sign, my body starts to hum, finally allowing myself to feel excited now that I'm finally here.

I'm finally free.

I don't have to be perfect, I don't have to be alone. I can finally be a kid, even though I'm legally an adult.

My phone starts to ring from the passenger seat so I put it through my car's speaker.

"Why don't I see a beautiful blue car in the parking lot right now? I know there isn't any traffic because I checked the reports and it's like...4"

That would be my long time best friend Faye. I've know her since we were in diapers and we have been inseparable up until the beginning of the summer when her family decided to up and move to Greenville, thankfully only a 3 hour drive from my hometown. We didn't let that get in the way much with our constant calls, texts, and facetiming over the summer though.

Faye is a loud, energetic, fiery soul who likes to shop, talk, party, and sleep around. Not that I can blame her, with her looks, she can get any guy she chooses.

"Faye I'll be there in 10, chill."

"Excuse me, chill?! My bestie is finally coming to join me since like forever, I'm literally waiting in the parking lot. I hope you've gotten stronger because I'm going to tackle you to the ground and attack you with kisses."

"Faye, woah, didn't know you swing that way." I say with a smile plastered on my face.

"Only for you darling." I can hear the smirk in her voice.

Faye hangs up the phone, so I focus on getting to the block of apartments that Faye will no doubt be waiting in the parking lot of.

We decided that because we will be attending the same University, and that instead of staying in dorms, we could just live together in an apartment about a 10-minute walk from the main campus.

Hearing my GPS tell me that I've arrived at my destination, I pull into the parking lot of a really nice set of modern looking apartments, only to hear a shriek, followed by a red blur as I pull into a parking spot.

The red blur comes into focus although I already knew it would be Faye; her favourite colour is red, and that is all she seems to own and wear. Quickly getting out of the car, I find myself on the ground lying underneath a very happy Faye.

"Oh my god you're finally here! What the fu*k how did you get so much prettier over the summer!!! Whatever it doesn't matter, you're here now and we need to get you cleaned up for tonight. I'm showing you off." Faye says while pulling me up off the ground with a wink.

"Um, what's tonight?" I ask confused, I figured we'd just be staying in and catching up, we do start classes tomorrow.

"You and I are going swimming"


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