Chasing Zabella

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1) The Principal Office

*Zabella's P.O.V*


"Who are you"


I don't know where I was or how I got there. There was this woman behind what seemed to be a reception area she asked me "who are you" and I just stared at her, wondering why she would ask me that.


I stared at her because I didn't know the answer and you weren't there to answer for me.


I didn't know if I was allowed to speak but then I didn't even know if I was allowed to be here.


I bared out my soul for you to take and you did but you crushed it in your hands and you emptied it out until the only thing I could remember was your name.


You hollowed out my soul until the only thing I knew was the curve of your smile.


You picked me apart until only the thought of you made me happy.


You left me with nothing, I was nothing but an empty void of /you/.


You made me into what you needed me to be but I never was enough for you so you left.


And I didn't say anything because you make me weak and small and I am not nothing in front of you, so I let you go.


I stared at the woman in front of me and I wanted to tell her that I am your girl because that's what you taught me to say but I'm not anymore.


So who am I?






Who am I ?


Who am I ?

I had to snap out of my imagination and look at the Old man In front of me.


He's well dressed in a grey suit with his bald head and blue eyes staring right at me waiting desperately for my answer.


He spoke again as if he noticed that I wasn't paying attention.


"Miss Parker do you have anything to say to us."

I played it cool with my smirk on , because if I showed them I was afraid then they would take advantage of that.


"No obviously not," giving them a little grin.


"She's a goddamn liar!" Mrs David screamed at me.


I know she's right , What I did is extremely wrong , But I don't care.

I have to take care of this matter calmly  without showing any reaction .


"She should be punished Principal Darwin," she explained in an angry way , while she held her sons face with both her hands kissing it , and touching his face again and again on the bruises .


Mr David was sitting in the other seat quietly . I swear he's too damn innocent for "this" women .


"Look what she did to my son , just look at his swollen face and these bruises. My baby has been brashly bullied by this monster on his very first day, how can you be so calm about this!?"


I kind of do feel bad for Jackson .His eye is all black and there are reddish blue-black marks on his face , his lips are still bleeding , his shirt is covered from the blood from his shoulder , that I unfortunately cut with the butter knife I had.


Wow I never knew butter knifes are so sharp .


"Atleast I made his face look a little attractive." I let out a little laugh.


I think this got Mr Davids attention. I can bet it's because his son looks just like him.


Copy cat


"You know young lady I believe your parents didn't raise you well , and on some points I believe they don't even care, " he smiled a little at me.


"But let's give them a little chance to show you how much they care about you," he stood up fixing his tie "What I mean is , you will see my lawyer and I hope your parents don't want you to go in jail for bullying."


Oh he wants to play it this way well then.


"If you are putting a lawyer in this matter please it's my earnest request to find someone whose good with when it comes to attempts to Rape Charges."


With that I stood up , pulled Jackson's bloody hand towards me , grabbing my T shirt with it and tearing it .


I held his hand so hard against my skin that his nails left marks on my collar bone and shoulder too , ruining my white Shirt and showing my bra.


"Ahh!" His scream seem so exciting.

His parents try their best to make me let go which I eventually do .


"YOU BASTARD!" His mom pushed me.


"So now you get ?" I stood up " I even have prove, a torn shirt , his blood as DNA and some marks," I love the look on their faces.


I bent over to Principal Darwin who was as shocked as the rest , "Anything else or should I just leave."


I wish I had a camera to capture the look on their faces.

Jackson on the other hand was scared as hell, crying too , begging his parents "Mom, Dad, please stop it."


His weeping was the last thing I heard before I left the office .



Special thanks to my dear friend for the beautiful starting.


Thank you for reading it , I hope you like it , and please press the star if you did , I promise I'll write the next chapter within a week

Chasing Zabella

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