Chelsea's story

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Chapter 1


There is a knock on the door.

“CHELSEA, CAN YOU OPEN? IT IS PROBABLY OUR FOOD.” my girlfriend Maya yelled through a bathroom door of our dorm room.

I opened the door and payed for our pizza. I then placed it on our eating table and turned on my computer to check if I got any new emails from my dad Jacob. That night I didn’t.

5 minutes later Maya comes from the bathroom and we sit down to eat. During dinner we talk.

“I can’t believe we graduated, and that tomorrow is our graduation ceremony.” I said.

“I know, it went so fast.”

“So what are your plans for after the graduation?”

“Mine? Hm. I am going to Vancouver to live with my family. You going to Portland?”

“Yeah. Sierra Publishing offered me a job there and I start working next week.”

“Great. Then we can both go on the same flight.”

“Actually, Sierra Ross is sending her jet to come pick me up tomorrow after graduation.”

“Oh okay.”

“Please, don’t be sad.”

“I am not.”

I know she is lying but I can’t spoil the surprise I planned. So I just leave the table and start packing. While I am packing, she also starts packing. After we finish it is already 10pm which means that we get ready for bed. We kiss and lay on our beds. There is an awkward silence between us but I am too tired to talk.


The next morning, I wake up before her so I just go get ready for my morning run. I leave our dorm room and go jogging in the park behind our dorm and spend an hour thinking about my life after graduation and my relationship with Maya. When I come back, I see that Maya isn’t in the room which surprises me because she is not a morning person and she loves to spend her morning in her bed. I then shower and get ready for the ceremony. Maya comes back 15 minutes later with two cups of coffee.

“Hi. I went to get us coffee.” she says and puts it down on our eating table. I take it.

“Thanks, Hon.”

“How was your run?”

“Great, but a bit sad. I remembered that it was my last time jogging there.”

“I know what you mean. I had the same feeling when I got us coffee.” Maya almost starts crying. I can see tears in her eyes.

“What’s wrong, Maya?”

“Today is our last day here together. Then you go to Portland and I to Vancouver.”

“We won’t be that far away.”

“I know but I can’t help it.”

There is a knock on the door.

“I will go open. You cheer up.” I say.

When I open the door, I am surprised.

“Sierra, you here? I thought you will just send your jet.”

“I came to congratulate you and to help you load your stuff into the van.”

“Come on in. Now what van?”

“I forgot to tell you, I see. I sent also a van that will be travelling on the same jet as you, me and your girlfriend.”

“Thank you.”

“Chels, who is this?”

“Oh sorry, Maya. This is Sierra Ross. Sierra, this is Maya Douglas.”

“Hi, nice to meet you, Sierra. Now what do you mean I am on the jet?”

“Surprise. I planned for us to travel together and Sierra agreed.” I say.

“Thank you, Sierra.” says Maya.

“No problem. Anything for Chelsea.”

“Shall we begin?” I say.

“Sure.” says Maya and takes the box nearest to her.

“I will take those suitcases. We can even put a bag onto.” says Sierra.

“Great idea. I wouldn’t have thought of that.” says Maya.

“I will take these two boxes and let’s go.” I say and take two big boxes to carry. Luckily, we are on the 1st floor so that means we have an elevator.


After we pack the car, Maya and I go to the reception office and return the keys and the internet cable. After that we go to grab a cup of coffee at a nearby café.

“So, how did you two meet?” Maya askes me.

“Well, Sierra is my mother’s best friend.” I tell her.

“How did you two meet, Maya?” asks Sierra.

“Well, we have been roommates since we started university.”

“I am sorry, but my phone is going crazy.” says Sierra and goes out to talk. After she comes back, she says: “This was my pilot Andrew. He wanted to know when we are coming. I told him that we will be leaving the campus right away. I hope this is alright with you?”

“Yeah!” Maya and I say in one voice.

“Great!” says Sierra and we leave the café and go to the vehicle waiting in the parking lot. Maya jumps in the back and I sit in front with Sierra and we drive off. We drive on the plane without stopping and then Sierra takes us to lounge part of the plane. There is Andrew waiting for us.

“Welcome aboard, ladies.”

“Thank you, Andrew. Are we ready for take-off?”

“Yes.” he answers and goes to the cabin.

The inside of the plane is amazing. White leather cosy sits and brown walls. It is the perfect combination. We sit down and tie our seatbelts. Maya is sitting next to me while Sierra is in the working part. During the flight we both fall asleep and are awaken just before going off the plane. We sit in the van and drive to Maya’s house in Vancouver. We unload the van but keep my stuff inside. Sierra then waits in the van while we kiss goodbye. Then I sit in the car and we drive off.


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