City Of Affliction

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City of affliction

a novel by sajjad ali


chapter no. 1




We never know how our wounds are. We don’t know why we are, or who we are anymore. Thing is that we don’t care about others we go on with our things, our life, our world, our hate, our grief, and our issues. And as, I told we don’t care, eventually, we don’t share. We are the keepers of our own secrets, and we are the creators of our own grief. If you see the shadows overlapping each other you do not see that why? Because even if they do overlap they all are dark, all are same so no one is really able to differentiate any of them about who is upon whom. Just like these shadows, we increase our fears, and darkness and then they overlap each other, so on we are not able to see and differentiate the things we should feel happy about and the things we are supposed to feel grief, and sadness about.

We are of often sad when we are supposed to be happy. The events in our life that cause us to feel guilty and broken, we let them overlap our events which are supposed to make us feel happy and comfortable.

Killing ourselves with kindness is not kind at all. The person who carries and hides the sorrows of yesterday inside is like a body without a soul. Think! Thinking is the only way to help yourself. You must reach the final end of the rope. You can’t just let it get longer and longer, more complicated, stronger.

The solution is simple just think about all of it at once. Don’t try to cross that Bridge a little every single day. Just go on the cross all of it at once. Don’t let it bother you in every movement of happiness. You are a human, not a fool, Humans are not fools. Just learn to start over, take a break to think about every single tragedy, accident or incident that crossed you in life. And cry yes! Don’t try to forget, hide or repeat the past but just let it fall, hold the door throw it out. And that is why crying is important, those tears are your past, and when you cry they all just flow away like a forgotten past. Just take a break one day from the world outside sit inside your room, feel comfortable and when you are prepared, remember! Everything from the very first day from the whole beginning. Don’t let them overlap anymore make two sections in your mind. One for happiness, and the other for guilt. Differentiate between them just cut them in half don’t let the shadows of the past also make the best memories of past darker and empty like them. Then at every single movement which made you happy, try to laugh and become happy on that movement try to remember and search the fun in it. And every single movement that made you cry, and feels guilty, try to find the worst possible movement in it and cry on it. Cry and cry as many tears as you can create. Just let all of them go away, and when you will be done. You will feel easy to carry yourself, you will feel light. And in the end, you will know that you have started over, and also that it was really not that difficult to start over.

See, that is simple but no one really tries to find the solutions and try to find the light in the darkness. And that is all that makes you fool, and all that makes me think that humans are fools. This was all I was also, until I went to that manor, yes! The Manor of affliction, this was the most common name used for that place. The Mantor family were the enormously rich family in the town and also the real owners of that place. Bathilda Mantor the oldest and the only owner of the whole property was a 112 years woman with a figure of 50 years woman, and a woman of her principles. There was something mysterious in her mystery.


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Story about: craziness, guilt, past

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