Code Hero: Champion Is Playing Book #2

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Prologue. The Orpheus Class



Dan’s first tournament may have ended, but life goes on. His luck is still with him in his regular life as well, and it seems to be endless. However, he is surrounded by very smart people, and surely one of them is going to start doubting his talents, at least a bit?

Especially now, with a new game about to start. The latest foes are even more dangerous than the last and the rules are still unfamiliar to him. Dan wonders how reasonable the rules are in the first place. Is it really possible to take a competition that lasts a couple of hours at most seriously? A competition in which you are supposed to work together with simple monsters in order to destroy the enemy base?

And so, the story of an ordinary Russian guy who suddenly found himself in the future continues, and another battle between his luck and the rest of the world is about to start. Who will come out on top?

Prologue. The Orpheus Class

Taking off the hoop that had just taken me into virtual reality, I had to sit down for a bit. Going from one environment to another so quickly caused my body to tremble and I almost crashed to the floor. These latest news were really surprising. I could only wonder whether my past life had just been a memory from a game. Or was it merely a coincidence? Anyway, the best way to figure it out would be to put the hoop back on my head. I was sure that the answers were hidden somewhere in the game.

“Emms...” I called out to my assistant. I needed to make sure no one would disturb me. Even though the package had arrived through official channels, there simply wasn't any information available about any virtual reality hoops, therefore, it would be better to stick to a more cautious approach.

“Mr Kornev, I have already asked you several times to not use unprofessional nicknames!” she replied, her voice harsh. I’d gotten really unlucky with her, the woman kept snapping at me. I’d seen the assistants of my employees, and they behaved like good servants:  they were dedicated, they made coffee... this one just kept lecturing me.

“Fine, fine. Please make sure no one disturbs me today, I’ll be working overtime.” When I heard a grunt of confirmation from the other side of the line, I locked the door.

Here we go, I’m ready.




The world around me lost its colors, same as last time. While sinking into the darkness, I saw a message written in blood red letters hanging above me: “Choose your class”. This time, I had to make a choice. Maybe a necromancer, considering the fact that it already had a place in my heart? No, a mage was not really my thing: I didn’t know why, but there was just no appeal for me there. Which meant that, just like before, I had to choose some sort of warrior class—a barbarian immediately caught my eye, and the system moved me closer to the figure dressed in fur and armed with a huge battle ax. Or maybe I could choose something completely new? A knight in shining armor? Considering how many of those I’d crushed recently, I didn’t think so. An archer? It was a sneaky approach, fighting your enemies from a distance, but as they say, whatever it takes to win a battle. And what was this button for?


You have enough development points to create an individual class for your character.

Do you wish to spend one thousand development points?


I had no idea how I’d gotten these and if I should’ve maybe saved them for future use, but an individual character class was always better than a generic one. I had to try it.


You have created the Orpheus class.



Well, of course! I hadn’t spent one thousand points for nothing! Even though I believed it would’ve been fairer if the game developers had provided some kind of description of the classes, because relying only on a character’s appearance didn’t seem that useful or professional to me. I’d even say there was definitely some kind of trick involved.

A moment later, I was already inside a real world, or, to be more precise, a virtual one, but it met all the requirements. There was the Sun, grass, wind, land covered in stones and other players running around. They didn’t kill me while I was just standing there and blinking in confusion, so I figured they weren’t enemies. There were a few paths leading from the central area to the woods: a female lizard was sliding down the first one, a slug in armor and a stone giant were moving along the second one, and along the third one, something with very long ears had just jumped up and started traversing along the branches of the trees along the path.

“I wish you all a good hunt.” According to the highlighted icon on the map, it was the slug that had sent this message to everyone. “Is there anyone here from the ‘Brotherhood of Steel’?”

Anton Emelianov and Sergei Savinov

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