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Viridescent Waves

In a lush, secluded woodland a fair woman of effervescent glory sat gracefully by a clear body of water. Silken robes adorned her figure, tied together by sashes and numerous cords, exposing only the tips of her fingers and bare feet. 


Surrounding her, ancient trees with leaves of emerald stood, sheltering the swirling pool and it's guardian. Despite the abundance of greenery, no life apart from the woman could be seen. No bird sang from the trees, and no animals stirred, leaving an almost empty silence. In the haunting silence of the realm, the pleasant sound of burbling water was the only thing that could be heard.


Gazing down at the pool the solitary figure lingered over the water, a few dark tresses falling forward to touch the water. Despite being touched, the water showed no ripples. For while it had the appearance of water, it was not truly water. What appeared to be water was actually a pool of time's coagulations, a reflection of what was, is, and will be. 


While time was not her domain, she was drawn to it. Watching over it as a silent shepard. With crystalline eyes, the goddess looked upon the mortal's reflection which shone through. As the mortal female child's tears fell onto the water, the goddess began to wade into the water. 


Wearing a look of intrigue on her ethereal face, the elegant fingers reached into the water, touching the image. Without a sound or a ripple her fingers slipped into the water. Following the fingers went the rest of her as if summoned, sliding in as smoothly as gossamer silk. As the last of her disappeared the water surged out as if in protest creating a viridescent wave. Lapping at the shore before coming to stillness, it erased the print she had left in the soft dirt by the pool. Only the viridescent waves were any indication of the heavenly figure that had been there. 


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Story about: fable, fairytail, goddess

Edited: 10.11.2019

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