Dark Dayz: Shaded Noon (book 2)

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The character creation screen floated before my eyes, amidst a sea of morbid, icy, darkness. A dense fog hovered around the New Character button. Underneath that button, I make out another, obscured; hidden by the wisps. I waved my hand, trying to move it aside, but in this place, my body didn't exist. It took every ounce of my mental energy to click the hidden button.

Both options faded and became replaced by a LOADING screen. A few seconds later, I found my avatar, Zycuh Hunpo standing atop a rock, his long coat flowing in the wind behind him. The image blurred, and a crackling assaulted my senses, but only for a moment; everything then returned to normal. I hoped I'd only saw only a minor and temporary bug; I examined the character information.

Level 10 Blader—Zycuh Hunpo (Class Advancement Pending)

I didn't remember leveling to ten before logging out. It had to have been the boss battle with Lord Kilo that pushed me over the XP requirement.

As I searched for the login button, the image of my avatar blurred and crackled again, this time, blue zeroes and ones scrolled behind it. As fast as the bug appeared, it faded. A tightness struck my chest. Something seemed strange.

There was no leaving now. I'd entered the game, which gave me with one choice. I focused on the login and clicked.

The sensation the VR drive overtook me. A frigid wind rushed past as I fell. My entire body became visible, save the groin. Lightning struck through the air, and that crackling glitch attacked once more. I threw my hands over my ears and clenched my jaw, resisting the sound. Around me the blue ones and zeroes rained, striking my body, each one causing a ripple of pain.

"What the hell is happening?"

I and tried to block my face, but one struck my forehead so hard I saw stars. Electrical bolts whipped and wrapped around my arms and legs, holding them out and posing me akin to a da Vinci diagram.

A blue box with white text appeared before me. It read, please choose your Advancement Class. Two options appeared below, Black Knight and White Knight.

I knew nothing of advancement classes, but an arrow appeared and crept towards the White Knight choice. My brows furrowed.

I didn’t have control over the cursor. "Hey! Who's doing that?"

I received no answer as the cursor clicked White Knight, and another box appeared reading, "Thank you, you are now a Lv11 White Knight."

With the strength of a battering ram, I struck the ground. "Ow!" My head spun as I rolled onto my back.

My clothes, armor, and weapon hadn’t equipped, which left me prone and in my underwear. With my eyes, I opened the equipment menu and found it empty, no sword, no armor, and no clothes. There came a beeping, and a small window opened reading, New Message.

The sender name appeared as only a single letter; Z. With narrowed eyes, I read the message.

Zycuh Hunpo,

It was a pleasure dueling you back in Castle Kilo. I have figured out the reason you obtained such power and defeated me. Do not worry; I'll rectify the situation soon. Also, I would ask that you don't blame me for your lack of gear or equipment. The system data corrupted when you left and returned to the game. No one in their right mind would. But let me tell you a secret... I'm glad. This means we can cross blades once again, Mr. White Knight. With everything in me, I extend to you my deepest regrets on your mother's passing. And I extend these heartfelt words to you... Welcome back to Dark Day…Z.


Jake A. Strife

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Text includes: survival, terror, horror

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