Dark Descendants Book 1: City of Domes

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              Solem Zekiah Du’Tritz was born in the 12th dome of the City of Domes. She was born when the Domes were already built and the humankind was already casually living through the 12 domes interconnected with tunnel passages that surround the 13th Dome, the Central Dome that acts as the main city of commerce. The 13 Domes is ruled by King Alexandrov, who’s according to the history books in the largest library in the Central Dome (13th), was the one who started the creation of these magnificent domes that protects them now and filters the air they’re all breathing. He was living inside the magnificent looking Castle in the central dome and is heavily guarded with swordsman and high archer towers. But Solem like the others, never seen the face of their savior, their ruler and their King. He talks with his people wearing a magnificent looking black mask, designed with precious beads and glimmering with gold, and only is his voice that everyone recognizes.

                The history of earth was never tampered and they knew that the humankind struggling to survive inside these domes is the last string of their species. Solem as well, behind knowing the history of humankind before she was born inside this dome, learns to live contently and normally despite of everyday fear that the end of them all is near.

                She was now aged 19 years old, and within her lifespan the domes were still standing strong to protect all of them. She studies in one of the 3 universities built in the central dome and now taking couple of months before finally graduating. Even in spite of the effects of the continuous wave of apocalypse the humankind had suffered and experienced, they still treasure knowledge as an essential thing in life, and dying with dignity is still the thing they all wants.

                Everything is normal, routine and cycles, but everything becomes quite unusual and different when the year 2113 comes, which is also Solem’s graduation, and unusual creatures were spotted inside the domes. Rumors said that the Golden gate in the Central Dome was opened by a traitor and let the terrifying creatures get inside from outside the domes. King Alexandrov then announced that every man in the family should enter the Eagle Legion, the soldiers that protect the domes and the Golden Gate, to maintain control with the creatures spreading fear and death amongst the citizens of the City of Domes.

                But unlike other ordinary women in the City of Domes, Solem entered the Eagle Legion, which was gladly allowed by King Alexandrov, and is where she meets her partner comrade, Alexiese Morgann Ce’ Vieze. Her decision of entering the Legion persuaded some other women that like her were interested in joining into it to protect the City of Domes they already called their home and small sanctuary of survival.

                Upon entering the Legion, they will be going to an oath taking to promise that they will protect the Palace of King Alexandrov and its residents, as likely as they will protect the 12 domes surrounding the Central Dome. Each warrior is given a partner, in which she was introduced with Alexiese, a young man about her age that has almost perfect physical features and deep blue eyes.

                The Oath of Loyalty into King Alexandrov’s order; is the rule they all follow, and the Oath of Brotherhood is what they should always preserve; in which all of them should protect their partner’s all the time while defending the peace of the City of Domes.

                Alexiese and Solem on the other hand, was easily getting together. In the Battlefield they were known as the best fighters and best Partner’s from the Delta force (4th platoon of Eagle Legion), and soon both became a member of the King’s Royal squad. The King’s Royal Squad called Raven Legion is the most prestigious group of elite warrior’s picked up from all the warrior platoons. According to the mythical books, the King will pick the greatest warriors from the Alpha to Lima Force of the Eagle Legion every two years each having with them their appointed battle buddies forming groups of the bravest and greatest warriors of their time. The only consideration is that they will be dead into the eyes of normal people, because upon accepting the invitation to enter the Royal squad, the king will announce their death in a public speech and the whole dome will mourn for them. Never does anyone know that it was a pretention for the existence of Raven Legion.

                After the formal ceremony of announcing them as part of the King’s Royal Squad where the people of domes mourned for their façade death, Solem was shocked with the lethal truth and secret of the King’s Palace—King Alexandrov is a pure blooded vampire. In the briefing of the first day as a member of the Raven Legion they were flooded with the secrets of the Royal Palace, which they promise to keep as a secret until the death of both of them during the Oath’s. Alexiese and Solem was then given the choices between becoming a vampire to help them protect the city thoroughly with the abilities only vampires have, and maintaining as human warriors as they already were. Solem picked to be as what she used to be. Never had she thought that Alexiese, her partner, was the unnamed son and prince of the Royal Palace, is already a pure blooded vampire since birth.


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