Deadly Relations

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"Connor, Sasha dinner." My dad called from the foot of the palace stairs. Saving my place in my book I climbed out of bed and headed for the stairs my long straight brown hair swaying as I walked. Smoothing down my simple plain pink dress I passed by two guards on my way.
"Hey roger, hey Carl what’s up." I asked the guards stationed outside my bedroom door. 
"Oh nothing much Sasha just hanging around." Carl anwsered sending a big toothy grin my way.

"Carl you shouldn’t address the princess so informally." Roger whispered urgently to him. Carl merely laughed.
"Its only your first day as an apprentice knight, Roger you will soon learn the princess hates being called by her title." He chuckled slapping the 12 year old on the back. I smiled a little at that as I swiftly made my way down to dinner.

"Heya puke face what’s cracking." Someone behind me chuckled slapping me hard on the back. Letting out a frustrated sigh of irritation I turned around to face my taller more annoying older brother. I glared into his huge laughing sea blue eyes that seemed to sparkle in the sunlight. He was wearing a light blue shirt with dark red shoulder pads on it. Around his middle lay a dark blue belt which connected to a dark blue sash going across his body. He wore black jeans with black tennis shoes on his feet. His jet black hair reached just a little above his ears. He had a wide intoxicatingly beautiful white smile that made girls fall into giggling fits.
"You know you could at least try to be nice to me once in a while." I angrily snapped glaring at him.
"Mmm Nah." He joked holding his sides as he burst out laughing. I was half tempted to slap him but instead I turned on my heel and headed toward the dinning room where my dad the king and my step mother sat waiting for us. It had only been a month since our mom died and our dad had already remarried and to the worst person possible in my opinion. She had long firey red hair, bright purple eyes, plump red lips and the tightest dress I had ever seen. She wore a long sparkly blue dress that looked as though it was suffocating her by how it clung to her body. She wore black very high heels on her bright red feet. I could practically hear her feet scream with how tight her shoes looked. She stared at me with a look that seemed to bore into my soul. 

"Sasha what are you wearing." My step mother snapped as I sat down to dinner that evening.  Glancing down I looked at my favorite simple pink dress that had a little red ribbon across the middle of it.

"You mean the dress my mother gave to me before she died." I asked politely.

"Don’t you back talk me young lady you are what, 10." She hissed.
"12 actually." I corrected.
"If I say your 10 than your 10, and what did I tell you about mentioning that woman in this household." She scolded me. I knew she hated when I mentioned my biological mother but I honestly didn’t care. 
" if you care to remember she is my mother not you, and honestly I will speak of her all I want." I snapped defiantly at her.

"You will not speak of that woman ever again do you understand me. Honestly to think she allowed you so much lenicy to become so reblious she must have been a terrible mother." Saphire rudely announced talking badly of my mother as usual.
I looked over at my dad eating quietly at the head of the table not saying a word.

"Dad aren’t you going to say anything she’s insulting mother." I tried knowing his answer before it left his mouth.

"Saphire dear don’t you think..."

"Don’t you Saphire dear me. Your daughter is back talking me and your taking her side." She screamed at my dad. Shrinkng back into his shell he stared at the floor and nibbled on a slice of bread. A smirk of triumph on her face she turned her attention back to me.

"Now as for you young lady. You will take off that silly dress and change into something more appropriate. And than you will burn that dress" She smirked at me.

"No way am I ever going to do...." Suddenly we heard a loud crash as my dad fell to the ground shaking. Jumping up from where I sat i rushed over to see his eyes rolling back in his head as a layer of foam appeared at the corners of his mouth. The guards and a court physician pushing me out of the way knelt beside my dad who had begun to turn blue in the face.  "He’s been poisoned I need..." before the physician could finish that sentence and before anyone could do anything my dad stopped moving. taking one last gulp of air he closed his eyes for the last time. The physicians next words were drowned out by my blood curdling scream that soon followed my dads death. My brother wrapping his arms around me led me kicking and screaming out of the dinning room where the court physician was now covering my dad with a sheet.

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