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Chapter 1: Dior

"I'm supposed to be confused, all alone in this new town. So confused, in fact, that I must, oh I must resort to the only help I can find— which just so happens to be offered by the most beautiful, intelligent, compassionate, capable boy in the entire town. Or girl.


"Just so long as they sweep me into the exhilarating whirlwind that will be my new life, here in MageTown, my new home. That's how I always imagined it at least. Because, according to the philosophy that's been getting me out of bed all throughout the year that's led up to this moment, if I can make new memories based off of a new identity, then maybe those memories can be strong enough to wash away the past. Maybe it will just disappear altogether.


"Unfortunately for me, the people in MageTown seem to be really caught up in their prejudices. Even more unfortunate is the fact that I only discovered this after having moved into my dorm. Moving into a dorm is a pretty permanent thing to do, if you hadn't realised. At least, for me it is, since I had to swear to my parents that I'd never regret this decision. So, here we are."


"Wow. Do you always talk like that?"


I bite the inside of my cheek. It's hard not to throw my face into a pillow and scream.


"Now now, I understand, it's just, you talk in some complicated sentences." the girl on my bed laughs, as if we've only been making small talk for the past half hour, "If it helps, you seem alright and I'm glad to have you as a roommate. I don't think you asked yet, but my name is Melanie."


After a moment, I sigh in defeat, sitting down on the bed next to her, and loosening my grip on the frustration that's been collecting inside me all throughout the day.


Melanie sits up on the bed, staring into my vanity mirror in front of her, and untying the pink laces that hold her two, curly black pigtails in place. Grabbing a soft, pink gloss from her bag, she puckers her lips and applies. After that, she begins to twist and tie again.




"You never told me your name, stranger."


"Right. Well, I'm Dior Carmen. I must say, I feel slightly embarrassed, I've just been so angry since morning."


"Why is that?" Melanie asks, jumping to her feet (which I quickly manage to check for dust) and skipping over to the large window that lies over my bed, "I for one, came in this morning and got a look out my window. And my, oh, my. These luscious, rolling green hills. The misty, grey dew that lies over them. The deep green, pine scented trees, and the people— oh they dress so elegantly! They're all so rich!"


"Melanie, that's exactly the point." I sigh, making my way over to the other end, so that I too am gazing out the window.




She is right about the beauty. Outside my window, I have a perfect view of the smooth, gentle rise and fall of the green hills that eventually merge into the distant mountains which look over the town, curtaining it from the world outside, secluding it as if it's a slice of goodness that must be protected. At least you'd think, but for the attitude of its citizens!


"You don't understand me, I suppose." Melanie sighs, sitting back on the bed and facing me, "I studied my brain sore to get into MAAS. Only because I wanted to move away from the polluted bustle of the city I lived in. It's beautiful here, it's a whole other world."


I stare at her, trying to read her round, brown eyes. If there's a sadness in them, I don't see it.


"You were running away from something too." I say.


"Too? What about you? Your family, you're running away from them?"


"Yes. I'm here on a scholarship, which means that they aren't paying for me and I plan to keep it that way for the rest of my life."


"But why?"


"Because it's the only way I can live life the way I want to." I sigh, laying on my back, "It's the only way I can stop...being a puppet. I thought of MAAS because of how far off and secluded it is. It would be so easy to say the phone connections were damaged or I didn't get the mail. I would never have to talk to them if I didn't want to."


"Of course. What then, is the problem again?"


"The people here, Melanie, the people are the problem. Oh, they're so mean. You know what a boy in my science class said to me this morning? He's a resident. He said— well, I was commenting on the lovely weather— and he said, we'd best like to keep our town pretty like that, so if you could just kindly get your butt up and out of here, and as far from here as you can, we'd like that. Because here, we don't accept outsiders."


"Did he now?"


I jump at the sound of the third voice, but Melanie just smiles at the doorway, untying her laces again. Two pretty girls are standing in the doorway, smiling at me. They have matching, thick, long, black hair that falls to the waist, as well as matching green eyes, albeit in different shades.


The girl on the right has a softer look, with a warmer smile and eyes, while the one beside her has thick, expressive brows and an electricity in her eyes that sends a slight jolt down my spine when she lays them on me. I sit up.


"And just who are you?" I cry.


"We're your neighbours. Your door was open so we just let ourselves in." Eyebrows explains in a husky voice, "I'm Clementine."


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