Dusk 'til Mermaid

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My name is Bambina Gallegar and I have a secret. It's a crazy, unbelievable secret that you probably won't even believe but, it is, unfortunately, very true.

See, I've had this very secret since I was ten years old. That day on my tenth birthday changed my life forever. I can't say I wasn't happy about it then because, let's be real, every girl would absolutely love to hold onto my secret.

But, as I've gotten older, I realized something. Having this secret means two things.

1. I have no friends.

2. I will never be able to fall in love.

Which the second wasn't really a problem until now.

Last year, on my sixteenth birthday, something crazy happened. That day, I discovered I was a very bad swimmer. Luckily for me, I was close to the shore, watching people leaving the beach for the night when it happened.

It wasn't easy but I managed to get out of the water. After stealing some clothes that were left scattered around the beach, I hid close to the ocean. I thought maybe I wouldn't have to hold on to that secret anymore. I was both terrified and ecstatic with those thoughts.

But, it didn't last very long. The next morning, I found myself turning once again. Then I was back in the ocean.

My secret?

I'm a mermaid.

By day that is. Because around dusk, I'm a human. I've learned a lot in the human world. Like the fact that humans get cold and hot. As a mermaid, I never feel cold or hot.

One thing that I've never done was eat human food, not counting before I was cursed. Apparently, it costs money to buy food! Which is catfish!

But, sometimes when I'm walking around, I smell their food and it is so mouthwatering. Smells like it would be amazing.

I stay away from other humans. Just in case. I wouldn't want to be captured and studied for the rest of my life. I mean, would you?

Sometimes I'll go to the swings, at the park near the ocean and I'll see people around my age come up but most of the time it's abandoned for the night. When I hear them, I leave before they can see me.

Ever since I was fourteen, I'd dream about meeting a prince that would fall in love with me, despite the fact that I'm a mermaid.

As I got older, I quickly realized that dream would never come true.

Now, it's worse than ever. I'm tired of this curse. It's the worst one possible. Not only do I get to be a fish, but I'm also tortured by living two lives. In which, both of them, I'm incredibly lonely.



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