Element. Flame of Elisar

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file2.jpg…the Ancients’ curiosity grew into obsession, while vanity clouded their judgment. Enhancing their own strength and abilities turned into a priority, and that spread over everything. The strongest and most talented ones risked their lives inventing newer and more powerful sorceries and artifacts. And some clans got so powerful that they dared challenge the ruling dynasty and the Lord of Hasara. And that turned into a dangerous confrontation… And that turned into the Great War of Hasara!

The Spheres once joined with magical portals drowned in blood and suffered heinous destruction. What was a single and prosperous World once, collapsed now. The portals network between the Spheres was in ruins, and the ancient Ringar dynasty was dethroned and destroyed. For one entire century, Hasara plunged into a horrible and endless fight for power.

And there was only one man who was strong enough to stop the chaos.

The great sorcerer Ederon the Liberator assembled a huge army and took the power to stop all the disagreement among the clans thus starting a new dynasty of the Lords.

Ederon had four sons – Unar, Archus, Hardle and Issin, each of them strong and endowed to rule the Element.

To avoid another war for the power, the father divided the people and the Spheres among the brothers, which brought to light four new Worlds – Elisar, Targos, Jargal and Helsur. Unar, followed by Elses who ruled water, went to Elisar; Archus took the fire people to Targos; Jargal became home to the Earth sorcerers who chose Hardle to be their Ruler, while Helses who were so talented in the air magic went to Helsur and swore allegiance to Issin.

That was how a new Epoch started – the Epoch of Four Elements.


From “Hasara Chronicles”

Year 984 after the Division

Maria Kopchenova

Edited: 17.09.2019

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