Erasing the borders

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Chapter 1.

- See you later, Chloe! - I'm waving to my friend.

- If you text me, we'll go out.

- Sure.

I'm smiling to Chloe, who's hiding behind her car door. It's noon, the sun is high above the roofs and threatens to burn me to the ground. Hello, summer! I'm going through the bag trying to find the keys from the house. It's not so easy. It seems that the city authorities decided to cancel the recycling of garbage and began to systematically load everything into my bag. I need to clean up in it. Maybe I'll do it before the beginning of the new school year?...

Finally, I'm opening the front door. A pleasant cool blows on me from the living room. I adore my house. I'm living with my dad and fortunately, he isn't the most pedantic person in the world. We could have made a mess for weeks, but then we could have cleaned up for all weekends. Once I found his T-shirt in the freezer, and I'm not talking about the nomadic life of his socks. The change came only when I became friends with Chloe. I didn't want to scare her with our mess, because she used to visit us a lot of times without warning. Though my dad has already found a woman, so every time before she arrives dad cleaned up hardly. Thanks to these two ladies, my home is in harmony - everything is at hand, but it's no shame in front of the people.

- Sibyl? Is it you?

Suddenly, I jump on the spot. Shouldn't dad be on duty?

- No, it's thieves. - I'm answering, waiting for a comment on the stupid joke.

My dad comes out of the kitchen still wearing a police uniform. He's emptying a glass of water in a salvo, and then he stares at me for a long time. Only now I'm noticing that his hands tremble a little.

- Um... is it something wrong with me? - I'm asking because his behavior seems strange.

- Oh, no, no. - He's shaking his head like he's trying to get his thoughts out of the way. -We need to talk. It's very serious.

Damn! These phrases are always followed by something unpleasant. Why initially set up the person to the fact that he has messed up something? I'm sitting on the couch and pulling my knees up. For some reason, in this position, it's easier for me to listen to how my dad scolds me for the offense. What did he find out this time? I don't think I'd be doing anything illegal. I hope this isn't about the chemistry marks.

- Well, you know Sarah... - started him.

So, he isn't going to talk about my jambs. I was relieved to exhale.

- Dad, you've been dating for six months. Of course, I know her.

Thanks to some kind of investigation my dad was running, Sarah came into our lives. She was a witness in it. My dad started shaving, ironing clothes, and smiling like a fool all the time, so I noticed he had someone right away. And when he went out on dates, Chloe came to see me and we were having a movie night with a bunch of chips. So, everybody was the winner.

One morning I went down to the kitchen and caught Sarah making breakfast, wearing my dad's shorts and shirt. It was a shock to me that someone else could wear his shirts. At first, it was difficult to come to terms with the idea that a third person appeared in our ideal family of two. I heard the smell of her perfume everywhere, and it seemed that she was the one who was leaking into our lives day after day and marking the territory.

In the end, I not only accepted her but also found a huge advantage in my dad's new relationship. The thing is, next year I have to go to college, and I don't want to leave my dad alone. Sometimes I cared more about him than he cared about me, even though he's a grown man. Knowing he has a loving woman, I'd feel safer.

- Well, there we go... - He's wiping his wet palms against his pants. - We're getting married.

I take my breath away. That's kind of unexpected. Not that I'm against it, but for some reason, I thought my dad wouldn't want to get married anymore. Especially after my mom's behavior.

- I know it's a big step for everyone and I won't be offended if you're against it. - Continues him.

- What? No, dad. I'm so happy for you.

I'm hugging my dad and getting tears in my eyes. Finally, I can pass him in good hands. He deserves to be happy.

- Really?

- Really.

He gently pulls me out and looks in my eyes.

- I love you so much, Sib.

I'm smiling and don't even try to think about something else, because I don't want to cry. Yes, I'm sentimental, I can cry out of blue.

- We are going to have dinner tomorrow evening at Sarah. Sit and talk...

- That's cool. - I've never been to Sarah's house before. Housing can tell a lot about the person, so it will be quite interesting.

- And one more thing...

- What?

- Um... Nothing. With the end of the semester.

- Thanks, daddy.

My dad's pretending to be very interested in the toaster. He always acts like this, when he doesn't know what to talk to me about. I know this situation embarrasses him so much. Well, yeah, his conversations a la «I'm - dad and you're - daughter» are misleading. I'm struggling to forget his story about menstruation, with, which, I must say, he was late for two years. But if put those moments aside, we're getting along great - he spends all day at work and I - tried not to create problems. My dad, as opposed to other parents of my classmates, doesn't take interest in the life of his offspring, practically forbade anything, and doesn't ask questions about friends and boys. Sometimes I lacked communication with him, but it was in my childhood, and I'm fully accustomed to our way of life right now. I wonder if anything will change when he and Sarah get married? It's even funny to think, that I will have a stepmother. I hope she wouldn't force me to sort out peas and lentils. No, I'm not Cinderella.

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