Everything I don't Want in a Guy

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Emilie's List

1. Grumpy

2. Rude

3. That laughs about my middle name. Even if I don’t like it.

4. Soft kisses. I hate soft kisses.

5. Sex. I hate when boys only think on sex.

6. Manipulator.

7. Possessive.

 8. Controller. I hate when they want to have the control of everything.

9. That burps. Is disgusting.

10. Curse. I don’t curse, and it is okay when boys do it but not that much, I don’t like it.

11. Hugs when he’s sweaty. So disgusting.

12. Liar. I don’t like lies.

13. Fast driver. Driving fast is so dangerous.

14. Drunker. When they call you drunk, I feel like that is stupid.

15. Cheater.

16. Leave. That he leaves without saying goodbye or giving me an explanation.

Andrea Bonnell

#7 at Young adult
#9 at Romance

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Edited: 06.01.2019

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