Fallen Finally

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Chapter 1


There was a bounce in Colm’s step because he knew that his father would return soon.  He always did return and Colm loved nothing more than rushing up to him in greeting.  It was his greatest joy having his mother and father together, once again and all of them being a happy, united family.


The sky above was dark and it had the appearance of a storm but it was a storm that would never come.  This is because, it was not a storm at all.  It was the turbulence that was caused when angels would fight in the sky in the eternal battle.  In fact, if Colm concentrated, he could sometimes hear raised voices and the clashing of swords.  He had told his mother about this many years ago and she could not hear it.  Eventually, he gave up telling her.


Colm had grown strong and healthy over the years.  He was now ten and one years of age and he could wield the splitter deftly and with precision.  He had grown confident, athletic and also adept at academic study.  He had his father’s bright blonde, shining hair and it was easy to spot him within a crowd because of it.  He attended the school in the local village, at the base of their hill.  He enjoyed wandering around the shops and stalls in the village and looking at exciting products on sale from around the world.  He was well known in the village and well liked, mostly for his sporting ability.  Some times he could hear them whisper behind his back, children and adults alike.  Sometimes they called him cherub or fair one.  He did not mind.  He liked everyone in the village.


His mother Katrina was well liked also in the village and sometimes they would hand him a flower and tell him to take it home to his mother from them.  He knew they enjoyed his smile as they always commented when he would beam with happiness over the care that they would show for his beloved mother.


Some called her fae princess and Colm knew this but he did not mind.  He thought she was just perfect and in truth, he sort of, silently agreed with them anyway.


Both he and his mother, Katarina would help the animals the deities and the unknown.


Colm heard voices calling out to each other plaintively from above and it disturbed him so, that he put down the splitter and looked upward, giving the sound his full attention.  He decided that he needed to get up higher to hear it better and then moved from the clearing toward the trees, where he quickly clambered upward to the very top of an old, large tree,


From this vantage point, he could hear the voices more clearly, although he began to realise that he could not actually understand the words that they were saying, even up this high.  The more he listened though, the more he felt that he was instinctively understanding or just knowing the meaning behind what they were saying.  He somehow knew that they referred to themselves and each other as stars.


“So this is what angels think they are?  Stars?”  he wondered to himself.  “Does that make me a star if my father is one, or half a star even?”


Just then as he was musing, a loud clap sounded not far from above in the sky and the sound shook the trees and he felt it vibrate within his body.  He was so startled, that he lost his footing in the tree.  Colm felt himself lose grip of the tree completely and he began descending downward, falling.


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