First Love

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"Zana wait please" Micah said as he tried to grab her hand which she withdrew at the contact of his hand

"What do you want Micah? Do I need to shout it from the rooftop? It is over between us, I'm getting married, why can't you stick that in your head?" A beautiful lady about twenty five years old, with short brown hair and brown eyes, an oval face and sexy lips said

"No Zana, you can't do this to me, you're going to throw everything away like that? Everything we shared?" Micah asked

"Micah, what ever we shared before is in the past, I am sorry if I didn't tell you earlier but I have been seeing Jacob since last year, I'm sorry if I cheated on you with him, but he is what I want and I'm already engaged to him, what you are asking for is impossible okay, now if you don't stop stalking me, I'm going to get a restraining order for you" Zana said and turned to walk away

"So six years is nothing to you? You are my first love Zana. You can't just end everything at your own convenience, I am a being, I feel this pain, all my life I have thought and dreamt about us together and you're just going to walk away like that?" He asked and she turned to look at him 

"Six years of my life I have given to you, is that not enough? What else do you want from me, to suck your toes?" She asked

"I love you Zana, I have always done, from college to now, can't you consider my feelings?" He asked, Zana wanted to say something but her phone suddenly rang, looking at the caller ID, a beautiful smile appeared on her face

"Yes love?" She said into the phone "not really, I'm actually on my way to your office" "yea okay, I will get it for you," "yea okay bye, love you" she put the cellphone into her hand bag and turned to look at Micah whose face looked pained

"You love him already?" He asked and she rolled her eyes

"If I don't love him, then why I'm I marrying him? Micah stop this nonsense, for carrying out loud you an adult, you are going to be twenty eight soon and you are here acting like a school boy, don't you understand what it means by over?" She asked while shaking her head "listen, I just got a call from my fiancé, he is waiting for me to bring his lunch, so please excuse me" she said and walked away, Micah followed her to the parking lot, she got to her car and turned to face him

"I mean what I say, if you keep stalking me like this, I'm going to get a restraining order for you and I mean it" she said before getting into her car and driving off without batting an eye lid.


Micah stared after her car, he can't believe things is ending like that between them, they had started dating from his first year in college, she was still in high school then, they met at a playground and had hit it off from there, she was later accepted in his school and that was when their relationship skyrocketed, they had been together since then, everybody knows them, even his mother had started addressing her as her daughter in law, who knew this would happen, a competitor in business not only fight for contract with him but also stole his girl, he just can't believe it, everything was like a movie, but what can he do since the girl in question don't even wants to see him

He sighed and walked to his car, this was not him, he is not a stalker but what would you do should you find out that the relationship you have been nursing for six years was about to slip out of your hand? His parents had been angry with him since they found out that he had lowered himself to a stalker, even his foster elder brother, Mac, was also angry, why? This is because Micah is a dignified man, respected everywhere and had an excellent brain in business, but this stalking of a thing almost turned him into a begger, he looked so haggard unlike his normal self, that is what annoys his family, but what can he do, the only woman he had love all his life is abandoing him, and what is worst is that he is still madly in love with her, she is his first love.


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