For His Sake

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"I will help you." I reassured him, my lips twitching upward, unwillingly, my heart twisting painfully in my chest.  

He stared at me intently, as I continued to fidget nervously under his penetrating gaze and in my discomfort, I started to sip coffee.

"Then marry me."

"What?" I choked on my drink, coughing violently as I stared at him in blunt surprise.

"I said marry me." He repeated.

"I heard what you said but it's-" I inhaled deeply, trying to calm my raging nerves, before looking at him. "Seriously, have you lost your mind, Edward? This is really..." I trailed off, looking at him incredulously.

"You said you'd help me. I am merely asking for your help."

"But you love...but why?" I narrowed my eyes at him, my mind going frenzy thinking of what he asked me just now.

"Because it's the only way I can get off with this marriage thing and can have my love, Lara."


When Emily agrees to help her best friend, she didn't think that it would end up with her walking down the aisle, wearing a wedding dress. As she gets lost amidst her unrequited feelings and a love triangle, she wonders if she will end up losing all of herself, just for his sake. 

Follow the journey of Emily Willows and her fake marriage with her best friend and long time love Edward Jones, CEO of Jones company and one of the richest dashing bachelors of industry, who has been in love with his girlfriend, Lara Williams for years.


Author's Note: This is my first book so it may not be one of those flawless books you often read on Litnet. The plot may sound cliche, well it is, but I want to write it in my own style so I did it.


Also, if you're looking for rude, arrogant male who doesn't know the meaning of love while the female lead is Cinderella mounted on horse, loosing her glass slippers while running (honestly who even does that anyways), please go find some another book 'cause this isn't the one for you.



⏺Reader's Critics/Views⏺

@shizaamaryam15- There is so much to take in, I swear this is the number one novel, Goshhh I love this story!


@AmandeepKour2- Oh my god, the comparison in this story is so much funny! 


@PriyankaAgnihotri- Amazing book, will have the readers thinking of the characters and plot whole day until reader actually gets time to read it! 


@bookfriend17- One of the best books on wattapd! If you wanna read something emtional but still smiling and laughing in the process then this book is for you!


@savya11- Hey I read it in a one ago and it's really very good story, Like every story in a one, and I love your writing style, you wrote 3-4 different couples but in a smooth way.. 





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All grammer geniuses, I request you respectfully not to read it if you have a pedantic syndrome 'cause there are many unintentional grammer mistakes. But if you still continue reading it, then read at your own risk(Thanks for deciding to continue it. I assure you that you won't be disappointed)


-English is not my first language. 

-This book is UNEDITED. 

-This is the first draft. 

First draft published on:
1 April, 2019!

I am a big fan of unrequited love so wrote this book for you... 

Please read and enjoy the story happily and if you want, you can truly point out my mistakes, I seriously don't mind. 

If you want to send me banners or covers, feel free to send them all to me in 

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