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When prestigious college student Isla Pierce is given the opportunity to write a report that would give her an A* in her exam, she jumps at the chance. A*s were gold-dust to a girl like her, despite her writing talent and potential. When put against rich, private school kids that were named genius at age 3, she was nothing. Sure, she went to the same school as them, lived next door to them, socialised with them and spoke to them, but she was never one of them. She would do anything to be as good as they were. But when she was told that her task would be to write match reports for the highly acclaimed football academy built within her college, she isn’t so sure. Those boys were a whole other level of prestigious reputation. All she must do is write match reports and in return she gets never-before-written content for her paper which guarantees her the grades she needs. Sounds easy right?

Not quite.

Skip forward a few months when her simple match reports turn to secret campus romances, undiscovered secrets of the prestigious football academy boys, cracks in the social system, family dramas and an attractive boy named Elliot not like anyone she’s ever met before; Isla’s whole world crumbles and is created again before her eyes.

And it all started with a goal.

Katie Rumble

#3 at Young adult
#3 at Romance

Text includes: love, collegeromance, teen fiction

Edited: 15.01.2019

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