Harmony On Her Way To Save Blue Planet

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Part I Harmony on Her Way Chapter 1. Magical Bubbles


Lighter than air they drifted majestically. Some of them made it to the river an almost unreachable distance for the excited group of young bubble catches. Many chased as far as possible until the inevitable explosion of air and coloured rainbow droplets followed by the pleasant smell of shampoo.

Two adventurous kids separated from the group and headed to the river bank. A long fair haired girl named Julia who was three inches taller then her younger brother Christopher. With bubbles overhead Julia said “If only we could swim across the river we would discover where they come to rest”.

Some of them didn't make it and landed on the water and instantly became part of the river. Suddenly a passing fish leapt into the air and was incorporated into a low flying bubble which drifted like a giant airship now carrying precious cargo. That was unexpected.

The kids looked at each other with surprise. “What is happening?”,- exclaimed Julia with excitement.

As though to make them even more stunned, another fish followed the example of her mate and appeared in a bubble.

This gave Christopher an idea. As a huge bubble passed overhead he jumped and was completely encapsulated.

Instead of being weighed down by the extra load the rainbow bubble ascended.

Well, the older girl didn’t want to pass the opportunity and did the same. But she was obviously too big and caused the bubble to burst and thus was unable to join the adventure.

Looking down through the thin shiny film Christopher surveyed the countryside below and realised he was floating above his family house. In the garden was an inflatable plastic padding pool. He decided now was his opportunity to safely end his journey so he pushed a pointy finger into the encasing bubble.

There was a popping sound and warm spray on his face. The next sensation was a slight sting as he landed face down in the shallow water from high altitude. But luckily he wasn't hurt. A few minutes later he heard an out of breath cry of relieve from his sister who appeared to be running after him having failed to join the bubble experience. She gave him a big hug exclaiming “how would I explain this to mummy if anything had happened to you”.

-Julia you worry to much. I had everything under control,- said her little brother in a confident tone. Behind them a couple of splashes were heard. “The fish have joined us,"- cried Christopher excitedly.

Holley Dovetail

#16 in Fantasy

Story about: nature, fairytale, fantasy world

Edited: 11.11.2019

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