He visits my roof every night

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Hannah's P.O.V.

The first time, when my heart palpitated uncontrollably under the pressure of endorphins, and when my eyes reflected the pleasure being by your side, was the brightest shimmer in the galaxy. 

The galaxy is full of stars, but their beauty dimmed whenever you showed up. Even a million of stars could not subdue your radiating-with-passion soul. After all that happened to me, I have found a way to kick the door open and let you in my life, full of people not worth loving.

Secluded dark places where we used to hide were reminders of our night conversation about the sky. What a pity, you turned out being one of them—a person not worth trusting. Unfortunately, the most painful stab in the back is that it was your plan from the beginning.

No one stopped me from falling in love with that amazing, but fake version of you. No one could confront the fate as well as the horrendous monsters, mooting inside of us.

The things I called mine, turned out to be not mine at all. I'm kind of losing my mind, but I still want to be alive.


This is the chronicle of pleasures and struggles.
This is the life of modern teenagers and the close people, surrounding them.
What is stronger?
This is not the story worth telling, this is the story worth loving. 
This is our story.


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Story about: love, badboy, teenagers

Edited: 14.07.2019

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