Her highness of mars

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Chapter 1

“Are you ready for the adventure of your life!” exclaims John. John is a great friend of mine, he told the whole town about his adventures on Mars. I decided to go with him on his next trip. We gallop across the Arizona desert to a cave. The cave is nothing special, it looks like all the other caves that we passed on the way here. We get off the horses and stand at the mouth of the cave. “ We will be leaving when we hear a loud moaning sound, and when we become paralyzed,” he says quietly. I turn to look at him at the sound of paralysis. I turned to look at John, I could see happiness all across his 30 year old face. Though he seems crazy for actually being happy about paralysis, I am also happy to learn new things from somebody as intelligent as John. We sit at the mouth of the cave for what seems like hours. Hours continue slipping away and I am really bored. Suddenly I hear a loud moaning sound. I need to run away from the sound, but I can’t. My body is paralyzed at the mouth of the cave. Apparently, I am not the only one. John is sitting right in front of me with a frozen expression on his face. I suddenly feel like I am parting with my body. It is almost as if I am dead, but then I see John standing right next to me, but our bodies are still sitting at the mouth of the cave! He smiles at me and I look at him confused. “This is how we travel to Mars,” He explains. I nod and take my backpack. I open it and take out my notepad and my pencil. John clears his throat and put out his arm for me to take it. I take it and we walk to the cliff. “Mars will be appearing in the sky today. We need to put our hands up as if we are reaching for it to enter Mars,” He says in a funny English accent. I giggle and write it down in my notepad. Mars appears in the sky , and I do as I am told.  I feel as if I am being pulled into a vortex, spinning around. I suddenly feel as if I am standing on solid ground. I open my eyes and the first thing I see is John’s smiling. I take a sudden step back. “You scared the life out of me!” I say in a shaky voice. He chuckles and says “ Antora ounianum.” This means “Welcome to Mars”in Martian, he taught the language to me back on Earth. “Grantora” I answer. He whistles and a bunch of the ugliest creatures I have ever seen. They look at John and they bow to us. We bow back and they help me get onto what I assume is their version of horses. It has 6 legs and I don’t think it has a face. The riders on the other hand have 6 arms and 2 legs. They are a greenish color and are very ugly. John catches me staring at the aliens in disgust. He laughs, comes closer to me, and says “Don’t be weirded out little one”. I hate when he calls me little one, he is only 4 years older than me.“Wantuda yanman guntallar?” I ask “Are we there yet?” The governer shakes his head and we continue our journey. In about 15 minutes, we make it to the town. We are greeted by many, ugly, smiling faces. We enter a grand plaza that looks almost manmade except for the different kinds of plants. None of these sights are more beautiful than seeing John’s face when he smiles. I know it seems like I have a crush on John, and I do. I did ever since the first few months he moved to my town. We get off the “horses” and enter a gigantic castle. The castle looks like something that popped out of a child’s fairytale book. I admire the craftsmanship on the castle walls. We enter the magnificant castle and get into a meeting room. The chairs and tables in the room look to small for these tall creatures. An alien with a colorful coat welcomes us. From what I hear John say, he is the chief and his name is Unuru. Chief Unuru turns to me and says “Antora ounianum”. I also bow and I say “Grantora”.  The chief smiles at me and I smile back. He leads us to our own seperate rooms and I immeadiatly fall asleep after that.



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