Leather N Eyeliner

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We have been completely quiet for a long hour, no noise, no arguing, no laughing and especially no music; the only thing audible is the pouring rain. I can't see where he is, I know that he jumped to the back seat and hit himself somewhere because I heard him whimper after that. Our phones drained their batteries twenty minutes ago and that made things highly uncomfortable. I got tired of just drawing over the napkins we took from the restaurant from a couple of hours ago, and my pen ran out of ink. A flash of lightning announced that we were going to be stuck here, at the side of the road, for a bit more. I sighed and I tried to search for James through the driving mirror. There he is, against my seat. I see his black hair and part of that bright red bandanna. Finally, I decided to apologize "I'm sorry", he moved letting out a noise finally and showed himself again closing his hand mirror a little mad, "Are you seriously apologizing? Do you even know what are you sorry for?" he questioned doubting my words. "I am sorry for what I did. I should not have called you a faggot and a pussy.., I should not have mentioned your mother. I'm sorry" I said firmly and he looked down at the tip of his stained fingers, he probably cried due to my words and tried to fix his drained eyeliner. " I guess I forgive you. And I'm sorry I pulled us out of the road" he crawled back to the front seat jumping back into the co-pilot place. "You don't believe me right?" I turned to face him and he stared deep into my eyes saying nothing back to my question but chewed his bubblegum with his red lips slightly open. "Here, I didn't lose them" I pulled out his Poison CDs from under my seat, he widened his green eyes convincing me that we were going to argue again but he just snatched them from my hands. "If you don't like them just say it... you don't have to take my things away, bastard" he spoke as he looked through them to check their conditions and relaxed when he noticed that everything was perfect. "You fucking asshole!" James shouted at me. 

I shut my eyes as I reclined the seat. I wondered where we were though. We ate all the chips and snacks we bought, we only have water bottles but that won't drain my hunger. My buddy probably has snacks inside his hair, I know that. 

I woke up realizing that I fell asleep and the storm was gone but the sky was really dark, James went back at the back seat again, painting his nails black. He hasn't realized that I woke up, probably... I wonder sometimes if he's naturally distracted or if he just pretends that nothing is really happening. "Is only 1:00 am!" he said and I just realized that he was wearing one of those lamps that the miners wear in the head. "What are you doing?" I asked groggily moving the seat back to its place. He looked at his nails with a smile "I was just painting my nails. I went out to check where we were and you won't believe that we are like 25 minutes away from the dock walking. 

"So all this time you knew, and I could have just driven some minutes without worrying to die of hunger" I complained rubbing my sore neck, James stared at me again turning off the flashlight light. "Yeah, you were sleeping and I didn't wake you up because the last time you almost punched me, and right now I'm not in conditions to get punched" he covered his face with the hands. "How's your nose?" I questioned when he got down the car to change from the backseat to the front seat without marking his cowboy boots prints on the car roof again. "It's fine, it only hurts with the cold air". 

He was right, only 1:00 am. We drove for a few minutes until we reached the little town near the dock; ῾The Saint Helen coast᾿, the most touristic beach zone here. The nightlife here is incredibly huge for such a small town, I couldn't drive with speed here, I had to watch out for people crossing the streets, going to the nightclubs and still acting as if it were only midday even after the storm. James was cheerful about this, he looked through the window like a kid in an amusement park. It was hard to find a non-expensive place to pass the night, plus the ships stopped working hours ago. Most of the places assumed that James and I were going to have some adult time ther, that was gross to believe, no, no, never. The prices were incredibly expensive for a shitty small room with WIFI. Driving along the whole coast we found a place, pretty lonely and really old, my buddy even said that probably the last time that place had a remodel was around the 70s and I couldn't agree more this time. We parked and packed our money, cell phones and keys in our backpacks to keep them safe with us. The receptionist was older than the motel itself, she was nice though and we had finally a really small bedroom to spend the night and had coffee with cookies for dinner. 

The bedroom was mustard yellow, as in those old magazines; also had had a really antique TV, a table with its two chairs and a flower vase in the middle, and a  creepy painting of a lady in a wall. The beds were separated by a nightstand and the curtains went from ceiling to floor in their old brown color. I felt like if I had truly time-traveled to the 70s or something. James started coughing when he walked in and covered his nose "Oh man, this is really dusty" he complained and left his stuff on the bed near to the bathroom. "Well, can you imagine how many bands on the road slept in places like this? I can pretend I'm a 70's rock star sleeping on his first tour.

"And I can pretend that my nose is just aching for pleasure" he expressed spraying the room with a bottle of Lysol... even me. "Well, it's true. My rockstar complex here is reaching the climax" I said coughing this time as he put the bottle back into his backpack. "Ha!" he mocked "You? You don't even know how to play or sing" James chuckled checking his reflection on the old mirror and adjusting his nose bandages. "Well, you have always said that you can play and sing and I haven't heard you sing yet.

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