Lighting the world - A lost book (1689)

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A Meeting in the middle of the night!


Long, long ago, when the times have just struck this world everything here was so unorganized. Sun rose from the east a day and tried west on the other. Nights teased pleasant mornings giggling, swinging in and out. Friday rushed in shouting "It's my turn" when sunday slipped after thursday. Worst of all, day broke thrice in a single night when the king of the gods "Zeus" was resting in his sky palace after a big fight.

 “What’s this nonsense?” Annoyed he woke up from his bed and continued "Is this the world I built or a kindergarten?" Seeing the fainting daylight he questioned him! "You... Day!" Who is your ruler? By now the Day has understood his mistake but he didn't had the nerve to face his king. He took advantage of his fainting light and disappeared without answering. This irritated Zeus the most! "What is happening here? I have been observing such irresponsibility everywhere these days" In a quashing tone he ordered for an immediate meeting with all the gods. “Let all the keepers of the world be asked to show up in my chamber immediately. I need peace and a solution for all and now” His fiery red eyes in the darkness of the room suggested that he made up his mind for something big. 


With-in no time the directions East, west, north & south took the king's message to all the keeper's gates. Known of his reputation everyone turned up without an utter. Puzzled and uncertain of the issue keepers sat in the meeting hall murmuring and guessing of why the king had asked for such an immediate meeting in the middle of the night.


Zeus, still very angry entered the meeting hall and sat in his chair high in the chamber. “Keepers," He said...

The whole chamber became silent and turned towards him.

He continued, "I see nothing in our world is in an order or checked. Can I ask the sun god, what was he doing tonight when day broke thrice?" Startled at the question, the sun god stood shaken and couldn't talk. Zeus continued, "No Answer! I feel the world today is behaving like an infant playing a romantic date. But, that's not why I appointed you all. We are here to safeguard the people and this world but not to trouble out of our irresponsibility. See the farmer's house there" he pointed towards a farm on the earth.


A Farmer and his wife were discussing the scarcity of food at home after years of continuous un-seasons. Wife was speaking to her husband "Dear...! Boys are growing fast and their appetite is demanding. I am feeling sad to give them half they eat. Today the older one was saying that he is not hunger and let the brothers have the dinner. I couldn't see into his eyes." She broke into tears.


Sitting confused and saddened the farmer took his wife into his arms comforting her and spoke with a heavy heart looking at the heavens. "I am unable to understand if I can start farming or not. These unseasonal winds and rains are testing us. Neither my father nor his prepared me for this. Only gods should help us now."


"Now that's the situation mostly on the earth" Zeus continued. "Not just the earth but every other place and not just the humans but every living being is been affected. The world is not the stones we have built, neither the gods nor their king. The world is the life within and it shouldn't struggle due to our negligence. We as the keepers must find a solution and let me make it easy to you all."

He took a pause staring into the eyes of the assembly and said: "Let there be fear of a curse."

A sudden outburst of fear started in the assembly.

"Yes, a curse"

Saying thus, stepping forward he raised from his chair and spoke:

"I Zeus, the king of the times, the worlds and the gods curse every keeper here today that, from the very next morning the one who fails to deliver his responsibilities designated as in the book of new times even by a fraction of second will turn in to an immovable stone then and there"

There was not much reaction in the chamber for a minute or two. Everyone stood silent looking at each other beyond belief and almost gave up any hope when they heard Zeus warning "and, remember I myself cannot reverse the curse now"

The Lawbringers briefed everyone their responsibilities once again. They gave the charges officially to all the keepers and called off the meeting. Keepers discussing the new changes to each other started leaving the chamber and suddenly busted into laughs. Somebody from the behind has thrown a comment with a sneaky voice.  "No matter what happened, the moon god got lucky with the nights. Now he can enjoy his solitary" Even Zeus couldn't stop his laugh but quickly controlled himself and looked at the moon god comforting him, while moon god was walking silently with embarrassment.


Aruna Reddy

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