Live Or Die- Make Your Choice

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Chapter 1

I listened to the news that Jin has been caught up by the police and this was a news that was very trending. I am a writer and the bestseller of a very famous book that is 'Meteropolies' which has made over 100K sales,

So I decided why not to meet this guy named 'Jin Yu' and ask him about his autobiography. I was dreaming of huge sums of money as well as popularity so I decided why not to give it a try. So I decided I will go to London just to meet this guy and ask his story.

I left off tomorrow's morning by a flight to London and the enviournment there was awesome. But I was also worried about one thing in particular and that was 'If the guards didn't let me in, then what would I do?'

But as I was more than ready to take this risk, so I pushed out this thoughts from my mind and chilled a little. My flight reached London and as I said before this Country is amazing. But I was not having enough time to enjoy the atmosphere!

So I went directly to the Prison where he was kept. I entered in the prison but was stopped at the main enterence and was asked by the keeper "Where are you going, Sir?" and I replied getting impatient "I want to go in, can you please leave my way?"

"This is not any tourist spot sir, you better get out of here otherwise I need to call more guards here and they will get this job done." he told rudely but I then came into my senses and asked very polietly "Sir, I am a writer and wants to write on 'Black Mask' can you please let me in?"

"Ok, that's better" and after he said this he opned the door and now the main problem was sorted out and now I just need to focus on my main course.

I got in the prison and met the superior their. He was actually very nice person and I really liked him because he let me meet Jin Yu (Black Mask).

I asked him whether he has told the police anything or he is just silent. He responded by a sentence which I expected and that was "No, he has been silent since we have caught him."

He directed me the way to go in the prison cell of Jin. I went ahead to meet this guy who has taken the spotlight in the news almost for a month.

I have heard that he has murdered some well recognised personalities like Chaiman Hu (Powerful Busineesman), Flari Xer (Son of a powerful minister) and many more. The surprising thing was that this guy didn't struggle when he was caught by police.

I watched the whole interview on T.V and he was very cool regarding his capture. He didn't struggle and I have even heard that when this guy was offered a good position in sucide squad, he denied it and just gave one statement "I shall be waiting for my death."

Can you believe me that he denied a position in sucide squad which is a place where people struggle whole of their life to get in.

I wanted to ask all the questions with him and wanted to present it to the whole world because these were the answers the news channels, journalists and everone was seeking. I knew that this book will break all the records that were set by me.

I was outside Jin's cell and I asked him "Should I come in?" and as expected there was no answer, so I got in and saw a person who bowed his head down and was sitting on a chair.

"Are you Jin Yu?" I asked him and while his head was bowed down he asked "Who are you?" in a very cool way that anyone could be impressed by him.

"I am Kazuye Xer and I am a writer. I want to write a book about you, so can you please tell me your story from the beginning?" I asked him very polietly and he answered "I am not interested" while his head was bowed down.

"C'mon Jin, please tell me about you as the whole world wants to know about you" I insisted but he didn't talk to me. Then I too sat with him and asked him "Please tell me the reason about why you became Black Mask and killed so many innocent people?"

"They were not innocent" He clenched his fists and I knew that he has pain in his heart and he wants to express it so badly but a part of him is not allowing to do it.

I heard a voice "I will tell you everything that had happened with me but you need to promise that you would keep it to yourself." 

"I will keep it to myself and will not tell anybody, so don't fear" I told him and he became comfortable.


Thank you guys if you have made up to this far and I hope that you may like this story as I have thought many things regarding this plot.

So hope you will enjoy this plot and I assure you that second chapter will come out very soon.




An Assassin's Death

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