Looking For Love

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A Solitary Traveler

I'm a solitary traveler

in the only car of this night train,

all the other travelers got down fast

in stations that have sidewalks full of people.

The train left, but I am the only one who stayed in,

knowing that at the end of this journey I will find you,

that our love will not have a dull conclusion,

but it will have an immortal beginning.

Raising the curtains and looking out the window,

neither stations, lights, nor people are seen

it's dark, I can't see the stars or the white moon,

only your beautiful, serene eyes, I can see.

Only your face appears to me at the window,

I only hear your voice shouting my name.

Only you can be so damn beautiful,

only you can read my mind.

In the only car of this night train,

I am alone, a traveler without a ticket,

and the obedient tracks get in line,

bringing this soul in love straight to your heart.



Emma Swan

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Story about: happiness, lovepoems, sadness

Edited: 08.11.2019

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